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  1. For those that dont know the BDO is now ran by Des and Paula Jacklin......

    This event including venue, sponsorship and TV coverage was basically announced at the end of October.......apparently there was a huge struggle to get the venue and TV lot on board so it could actually take place.

    Its been said for years but this one could really be the last.
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  2. The Bridge Lad

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    Would be a shame to see it go with the history and tradition and what not, but each passing year you do sense it's more and more on it's last legs and
    it wouldn't be a surprise.
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  3. Seem to be scraping the barrel on the TV coverage front......not just Lakeside but other big BDO events.
    Once the TV goes sponsorship follows etc.......sad to say but nearly all the best players have fucked of as well over the last decade. Thats not to say the BDO dosn't have a place......in the same way the lower leagues of the football pyramid work.
  4. They've just said EuroSport have a 3year deal for the Lakeside
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    Yeah, was going to say, the PDC has always had the biggest names (mainly Taylor), prize money and production, but 10-12 years ago the fields were at least somewhat comparable, its just not now and does seem to get weaker each year, but, for however long it lasts, there will be people switching over, like Ratajski, Noppert etc have done over the last year or two, and hold their own.
  6. The walk-ons are tremendous ha
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    Theres the top seed out
  8. The Bridge Lad

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    Shite. Didn't see it, but I forgot Durrant wasn't top seed and got excited thinking mine and @GordonMuchallNo1Fan's Unterbuchner bet was looking better. Suppose, on paper, it gives him a better shot of getting to the final now, but I never see him as anything special.

    *McGeeney that is
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  9. Unterbuchner was superb earlier. Definitely PDC soon for that lad
  10. That was as close as anyone's got to a 9 darter at either world championship this year.
  11. Pretty sure someone in pdc missed double 12
  12. Scott Waites getting distracted by a noise in the crowd. I'd like to see his reaction to a couple of thousand pissheads at Ally Pally.
  13. Mantobar

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    Thought he was going to do it
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    Women averaging 40
  15. What’s happened to Bobby George presenting and his son taking part?

    Also that bloke who used to shout, “let’s play darts” before a match?

    Also why doesn’t Nicholson and Chris what’s his name enter?

    Plus has Wolfey retired and that bloke who had madness for a walk on, Daryl Fitton?
  16. Two million voices

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    His son dropped out of the rankings and has barely played the last few year.

    Martin Fitsmaurice was sacked for a racial slur and has since passed away.

    Nicholson still plays PDC, Mason pretty much retired.

    As for Fitton he hasn’t competed this year and has had a hip operation.
  17. Thank you.
  18. The Bridge Lad

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    Durrant will struggle in the PDC if hes getting put off by that.
  19. Pacific

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    that 140 to save the match from Baker was about as clutch as you get

    how does Durrant expect to cope in the PDC if a little heckle puts him off
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  20. The Bridge Lad

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    Was a cracking comeback by Baker but maybe not quite enough. Durrant looks a right bad tempered b@stard mind :lol:

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