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Discussion in 'Pure Football' started by nilid69, Jun 14, 2018.

  1. nilid69

    nilid69 Midfield

    Nowt interesting, just wondering what people used to think of him? I remember him as a decent enough lad, not always first choice (at times then our team was amazing) but always seemed to fill in competently.

    He used to get dogs abuse where I used to be sat though, so have always had the impression he was really disliked by the majority. Not seen any of that reminisced about here mind.

    Thing is I was only about 10 when he joined, I don't really remember properly.

    So; good, medium or shit. What was the reality?
  2. gipetto

    gipetto Striker

    Class at clapping.
  3. OohBaldyBally

    OohBaldyBally Striker

    We hate Boro
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  4. TopCat

    TopCat Striker

    Was an average midfielder and a decent centre half in that crazy play off season. Probs just below PL level
  5. chr1s1973

    chr1s1973 Striker

    He was ok,I don't think people hated him,but he played in quite a few different positions,so people may have been overly critical if he was playing say in midfield.
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  6. Found his place in the side that got beat off Charlton, don’t remember him getting much grief though he was poor in that game. His best for me was Man City away in the game where Phillips scored off his arse.
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  7. nilid69

    nilid69 Midfield

    Was he that generation's Seb?
  8. Millhouse

    Millhouse Full Back

    One of my favourite players. Not for ability as he was the epitome of average. But he fitted into our most successful era in my lifetime through pure determination.

    I remember his winner away to Boro in his first year. Playing centre half during our most attacking years getting raped to fuck by Jason Roberts. The playoff final. Clapping.

    He was like the original Seb
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  9. bigmarlon

    bigmarlon Midfield

    Williams joined Sunderland for a fee of £50,000 in October 1996,[2] and made over 250 appearances for the team, 108 of which were in the FA Premier League.

  10. nilid69

    nilid69 Midfield

    Used to watch away games on Teletext, worth me hunting a clip of that down?

    Probably about 75% off the bench but aye he was with us ages.

    I just used to sit next to some knackers, Sumerbee got even worse off them.
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  11. homeless kid

    homeless kid Striker

    Didn't he man mark viera or Bergkamp or some **** off the field on his debut straight from York for 50k??
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  12. 3.142

    3.142 Midfield

    didn't get much grief off the fans. very solid. England b. world's best clapper.
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  13. hyperbolic

    hyperbolic Central Defender

    Not a brilliant footballer, great attitude though. Cupping the ears celebration at 'Boro was class .
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  14. Kevsgreat

    Kevsgreat Striker

    Liked him and Holloway. Players that came into the team about the time my interest was picking up.
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  15. nilid69

    nilid69 Midfield

    Same, first season was 95/96 so exactly when they joined. I'll admit to having completely forgotten Holloway ever existed, mind.
  16. In terms of natural talent, he was limited, but you’d struggle to find anyone who made more of the limited abilities they had. Very hard working, and most supporters appreciated his work rate.
  17. Blyth

    Blyth Striker

    Class in the 97/98 season. Earned England B call up as well.

    Reid picked him to man mark Juninho at the riverside only for him not to be playing. Ended up scoring the winner himself.

    Good player, especially for the money we paid.
  18. dangermows

    dangermows Striker

    His hair had its own brain.
  19. nilid69

    nilid69 Midfield

    Glad to hear this like. Never remember him being a clapper, that's made me laugh.

    As mentioned where I sat him and Sumerbee (& Quinn where I stood at Roker thinking about it :/) used to get savaged so not too surprised many liked him.

    Thinking about this I'm feeling bad for Fishpaste, he was basically run out of town for saying Bally got vitriol but maybe he really got that impression, he certainly didn't get an easy ride where I was either.
  20. dangermows

    dangermows Striker

    Was your seat in the away end?
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