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Darren Bent - a retrospective

Discussion in 'Gold' started by toosb, Jan 18, 2011.

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  1. SWC111

    SWC111 Midfield

    Spot on. Bardsley gets stick all the time, in and out the team yet he never opened his mouth once - got on with it.
  2. Fantastic original post which completely sums up my feelings, and some great responses too.

    I'd like to to add one thing.

    When Darren Bent missed out on the world cup squad last year, who was the first person to ring him up at home and offer some supportive words?

    Family? - No
    Friends? - No
    FA representative? - No

    It was Niall Quinn. Going beyond his duty as a club chairman, a man who isn't even English calling up our star player to have a chat, make sure he was aware everyone at the club sympathised with him and were there to support him.

    How did Darren Bent repay this faith? Apparently by handing in a transfer request in August over money, and following it up by doing it mid-way through the clubs best season, potentially league wise for decades, again for money.

    It's a shame his loyalty has turned out to be as short as his memory.
  3. Davyred

    Davyred Striker


    No-one asked him to come out with the love in shite that he came out with.

    Ferdinand and Bardsley have been pointed out as classic examples, players who were on their way out but showed the guts and fight to stay here and be involved in the managers plans. Bent had his nose put out cos he wasn't going to be number one anymore. What kind of attitude is that to have for fucks sake!

    Bents goals might have kept us up last season, but so did the assists and creativity provided to him, something that he was far too quick to slag off.
  4. hawes mackem

    hawes mackem Winger

    I could'nt put it better myself !

    At first i gave bent the "benefit of the doubt" ...but then it all started to come out, thought it was us fans just been frustrated then i got a PM off a certain poster who has a contact within the club, and for bruce and quinn not to know, i thought that bent was "poached" !

    What a greedy bastard he is, more than Don hutchison, i will be doing exactly the same Toosb, when he is next at the SOL... :evil:
  5. Ernie

    Ernie Winger

    I just think we ought to step back a bit - the guy scored loads of goals for us, he's moved on (for reasons that none of us know - possibly not even him - he wasn't happy that's all we really know at the moment). Forget what he says - he's a footballer - he's a bit daft and naive. I am sure we have all been in a position at one time in our lives where things are going really well, and then we have a change of heart, unexplained, and we change direction. I feel sorry for Benty more than anything else - I think he's made a mistake but it is him that has made it. I suspect he may regret to some extent this move but that's his problem. Would you really want an unhappy player to stay at the club?
  6. A five star rant is ever there was one. Im about 12hours too late but well said.
  7. kermode

    kermode Winger

    I was either unaware of, or had forgotten about this, and it shows Bent up more than anything else for what he is. What a way to repay a club who essentially salvaged your career, and also look after you that goes way beyond average employer/employee relations. This has made me more bitterly disappointed with Bent than I was before.
  8. Original post just about sums it up for me. I'm pretty much a realist and accept that people move jobs for shed loads more money and generally it doesn't bother me, particularly if you can see other good career/footballing considerations.

    In this case though (and as stated above) the way Bent handled this is as bad as it gets. Also the fact that he's swapping a club trying to achieve great things and pulling in the right direction for what looks like a rudderless ship emphasises more than anything the one and only reason for his going.

    The greedy, mercenary, greedy, duplicitous, greedy b*stard.
  9. jonnie_makem

    jonnie_makem Winger

    Tremendous thread lads. This club will always be about the fans and nothing else :)
  10. MackemDale

    MackemDale Guest

  11. i agree with this and its a canny summing up, of a lot of points made by the majority of posters on here, in the numerous threads on the subject

    dont praise toosb's man. he will get another mention in the press again and he may do a bent and leave for the money
  12. Coops

    Coops Midfield

    Great Post - sums is all up very well.

    I feel disappointed in myself. I fell for Bent's comments about the club, wanting to be a legend and all the rest he spouted.

    I like to think of myself as a relatively intelligent person, but I was 'conned' by him as well.
  13. redgauntlet

    redgauntlet Striker

    Actions speak louder than words, when did Bent last celebrate a goal? It's the fact that he didn't give of his best in the last couple of months that annoys me more than anything else. Still he's gone and now has to be replaced. I have never known us sell our better players and replace with an equal, it's always meant more dross and I don't know if I want to suffer that again.
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2011
  14. Gyan for Jones?
    Cana and Cattermole for Whitehead and Leadbitter?
    Turner for Collins?

    I appreciate your scepticism, but the current regime can not be tarred with the same brush as the previous ones.

    I'm pretty sure Bent actually reported this story to the media, perhaps a newspaper in the days after his exclusion.

    No wonder poor Quinny was shocked.
  15. kermode

    kermode Winger

    Bruce has done nothing but replace shite with quality since he arrived here. Every signing that has come into the first team has been an improvement on those who he has sold. Fact.
  16. seanlaz

    seanlaz Full Back

    post of the year
  17. ned_werby

    ned_werby Striker

    Quality post by the OP.

    Wonder if DB wil get as much of the 'arm round the shoulder' that he desperately needs at Villa as he did here?
  18. hawes mackem

    hawes mackem Winger

    No, i would'nt want an unhappy player at the club, but bent went behind everyones back and this has gone on for weeks it seems when still playing, he said he wanted to be a legend for the club the fans were great etc...and has said he wanted to go to a bigger club in villa :lol:

    I do still think that something else has gone on that we dont know about as yet ! ....anyway he has gone, and at least we got £24 million !!! ....lets spend it wisely...
  19. Ernie

    Ernie Winger

    Hawes, that's the point. Something else has gone on.
    With Clarky he did something stupid (and Ball used it as an excuse to get him shipped, although at the time it was a pretty good excuse) but I just can't agree that the OP (and the world and his dog) is ready to treat Bent in this way without knowing the facts. People are putting 2 and 2 and getting 5. Moving to a bigger club....possibly, but not in recent times. better service...hardly. better fans...no more of the same I'd suggest. No-one but Bent knows why he has moved and perhaps he doesn't really know himself.
    If money was involved, we have to ask ourselves if we did offer to improve his contract, but again, we DON'T know.
    Booing a player who used to play for Sunderland is a very poor effort. Do it if you have to, but I won't be.
    Kneejerks are us! If we really hate the guy, the best way (IMHO) is to ignore him (my posts excluded of course!)
  20. Fantastic post, sums it up perfectly. What a 2 faced money grabbing bastard. He could have been a legend here and he gives it all up for money ~ which he will probably never even get round to spending :evil:
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