Darren Bent - a retrospective

Discussion in 'Gold' started by toosb, Jan 18, 2011.

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  1. SAFC_Jack

    SAFC_Jack Striker

    Spot on, tremendous post... rightfully livid as we should be
  2. bu-bu-buchanon

    bu-bu-buchanon Striker

    Footballer leaves one club for another !! Well I'm outraged.

    Seriously lads we're bigger than this aren't we ? When this all plays out we'll be giggling like fuck I suspect
  3. Toosb this is real bad news, I agree with you 100%, well done Benty for bringing the board together like never before.
  4. Paddy O'Dors

    Paddy O'Dors Striker

    Spoken from the heart son (an organ that Bent is lacking). Well done.
  5. exres

    exres Full Back

    I haven't said a word about Bent since I first heard about it. I thought it better to wait and see. And I thought about it. But after that press conference, I agree with every f**king word Toosb says.

    Bent has every right to leave, but his sense of timing is terrible. And I think he's lying. I'm not vindictive at all, but I hope his bollocks drop off.
  6. ck1.gsy

    ck1.gsy Striker

    Not posted here for years but this thread and Toosb's post have summed up every emotion I've felt this last two days.

    We thought you were one of us Darren...
  7. I think he's one of you ;)

    They'll have to stitch some on first
  8. SOLid

    SOLid Full Back

    Possibly the best post I have ever read on SMB that sums up a single event.

    Perfectly encapsulated, Toosb.

    Definitely Gold.

    I just feel terribly, terribly sad about the whole affair. As for the "reasonable" posters who have put forth valid arguments for positivity - maybe I will get to that pont in a few weeks time. I suppose I am being OTT but it feels just like mourning.

    Fuck you, DB.
  9. Legend

    Legend Striker

    I think the thing that disappoints me most about the whole thing is the feeling of being completely conned.

    At a time when football looked to be about to implode because of all the greedy bastards, all the money, all the fucking agents and all the corrupt bastards running the game - Bent came along with the attitude that he wanted to play games, score goals, be worshipped and become a legend. Or so we thought...

    It turns out that Bent is no different to the rest of them - its all about the money...

    He could've stayed here for a long time. He had a very good chance of going down as an all-time great IMHO. He always gave the impression he cared, that he loved it here, that he wanted exactly what the fans did - and his goal record speaks for itself.

    Instead, he's chosen to up his wage and to go to a club who are in a relegation fight, get fewer fans through the gates and basically look like a much worse prospect than, not just us, but a few other clubs aswell. I expect he'll come out with the same shit to the Villa fans. I also expect he wont be there for more than 2 seasons. There'll be another cheque to collect somewhere...

    I thought he was a person who valued the legacy he'd leave at a club. I thought he was bothered about being remembered by fans as a great player, who loved the club. I honestly thought he wanted to be mentioned alongside Phillips when people debated the great players we've had. He's going to be remembered here for being a mercenary . He's abandonded us, after we've given him immense support - at a time when he was unhappy aswell - we took a punt on him being able to put behind the mismanagement from Redknapp IMO. Fuck him. Ungrateful, greedy bastard.

    When we next play Villa I'll be booing just like I'd boo Lee Clark or someone like that - thats if he's still there of course, someone might offer him a few more quid a week and he'll be off. A move to QPR for "footballing reasons" could be on the cards. :roll:
  10. Paddy O'Dors

    Paddy O'Dors Striker

    Not very passionate either. You've only got see how many Villa turn up at the SoL and how many SAFC fans make the return journey (in addition to home attendances) to to see who cares more about their club. When I here him spouting off about "football reasons" I want to say to some shitty hack who doesn't want to upset the apple cart too much, "ask what these footballing reason's are you think cunt"
  11. Oli Wagkz

    Oli Wagkz Striker

    Loved the bloke, seemed genuine.
    Thought he loved the club & that he really did want to become a legend here. Let's be honest he wasn't far away from it.

    How wrong can you be though!?
    I couldn't give a shit what he does in his career now. Although I hope the extra cash makes him happy! It's obviously what he values most.

    As for SAFC we'll move on and be bigger & better without the twat. Trust in Bruce, Quinny & Ellis.
    We're a club going in the right direction & we're doing it the right way.

    Keep the faith.
  12. Great post, sums up exactly how I feel too.
  13. andyreid20

    andyreid20 Guest

    true but then we dont earn 50k a week do we for pissing about a few hours per day and 90 mins on a weekend do we
  14. Davyred

    Davyred Striker

    Two fantastic posts by Toosb and Legend.

    In my 30 odd years of following SAFC, I've never felt so cheated by an individual. He conned us from Day one and I hate the bastard for it. He lapped up the plaudits, he had Steve Bruce practically pleading to England to take him to the world cup, all Sunderland fans were right behind him. But No Darren, that wasn't good enough was it. It was money you wanted.

    As for the shite about lack of service, can you tell me how you scored 25 last season and 8 this season, not to mention the sitters you've missed? I'll tell you what your 'lack of service' statement was, a smokescreen of pure bullshit.

    I must congratulate you though, because all the shite you've spouted will no doubt greatly motivate your ex team mates, and I hope Titus hits you so hard in the first minute, you'll be sitting next to Quinny.

    Fuck off you greedy con merchant, you will NEVER be forgiven by the supporters of SAFC.
  15. Joe-B

    Joe-B Striker

    Spot on.

    Again, Spot on.
  16. MFK_FTM

    MFK_FTM Central Defender

    brilliant post toosb and legend, i just watched his press conference what a twat he is.
  17. burchmackem

    burchmackem Striker

    Excellent post -- great one from Legend as well. I especially liked the Titus bit.

    Reminds me of when an ex of mine suddenly announced to me that she wanted to break up, wanted to be alone for a long time, and then shacked up with a mate of mine. Worst part was, she was with him for the next three years or something. To that point, let's hope Bent doesn't go on to be a Villa legend. :-(
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2011
  18. hefty em

    hefty em Striker

    Sums up my feelings too, still absolutely fucking fuming.

    Wasn't overly fussed until i saw the spineless cunt's shambles of a press conference and the limp wristed deflections that were his answers.
  19. Great post. As others have said, its not the fact that he has moved on that has pissed me off so much, players move on all the time. It's the fact that time after time he stated that he loved the club, he loved the fans, he loved the area and he really wanted to leave a lasting legacy. It seemed that his time at Spurs had shown him the bad side of football, and that he was happy just to be at a club with ambition that loved him and saw him as a major part of their plans, and its not as if we were paying him minimum wage either, he was on a shit load of money to do a job he apparently loved for a team he claimed to care about.

    It was not so long ago that he was asked via "twitter" whether he was leaving SAFC when a rumour started and he replied with "no, never". Now we see that all his words and all his actions were nothing more than a charade. He cares so much about the club that he is prepared to tell the manager before a derby match that he wants to leave, and already has his letter prepared to hand in as soon as the match finishes. He loves the club so much and appreciates SAFC taking him from Spurs so much that he stays for less than half his contract before fucking off. He goes to a press conference and goes on about "as soon as I knew Villa wanted me I knew I wanted to go", without even mentioning the bullshit he had previously spouted about being happy to stay at Sunderland and leave a legacy.

    He has let the club down, he has let the fans down, and he has let Quinn and Bruce down when all of the above had shown so much faith in him. He seems to think that this will blow over but if thats what he thinks, he is going to be in for a major surprise. We can take players leaving, but what we won't stand for is being lied to from day one and made to look like twats.

    He will see this thread, and he will see what people are tweeting about him- he might say he will stay away from it all but his curiosity will get the better of him. Even if he does stay off twitter for a few weeks, he will very quickly realise when he comes back on that our fans have not forgotten about the betrayal and, as Toosb mentioned, if he is worried about what he will face when he logs into his twitter account, the cunt will literally shit himself next time he comes to the Stadium of Light. He would seriously be well advised to be "injured" when Villa next play us, and if he plays he will deserve every bit of the abuse that will rain down upon him every time he touches the ball.

    A man we genuinely thought was different from the rest has proved himself to be worse, at least other players don't pretend to give a fuck about their clubs. Fuck off Darren Bent, I wish you every misfortune for the rest of your career, you utter cunt
  20. Paddy O'Dors

    Paddy O'Dors Striker

    Another great post spoken from the heart. And just like Tsoob yee usually post a load of shite GG. ;)
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