Darren Bent - a retrospective

Discussion in 'Gold' started by toosb, Jan 18, 2011.

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  1. makum102

    makum102 Winger

  2. houst69

    houst69 Striker

    Excellent Toosb, I love you
  3. Sydneymackem

    Sydneymackem Midfield

    Class post, refelects the thoughts of many supporters.

    DB, class goalscorer and turncoat!
  4. Best and most accurate post I've read on here mate.

    The greedy bastard should be made to stand and watch as every father explains to his young son why their favourite footballer has left to play for someone else.
  5. Bob Fleming

    Bob Fleming Striker

    Great post Mr Toosb
  6. Eddie Hitler

    Eddie Hitler Striker

    Great post mate... Says it all really. I have read my final post
    on this matter.. Lets move on.
  7. burchmackem

    burchmackem Striker

    And long may it continue. Maybe he should just stay off Twitter and keep his disingenuous opinions to himself, the lying, two-faced twat. What a fucking coward. What a fucking coward.
  8. arthursboy

    arthursboy Winger

    Quality dude quality.

    Shut the door DB and good riddance.

    Nee doubt v Man City another badge will be kissed.
    I hope they put a relegation clause in his contract.
  9. Bravo sir
  10. I'm loving this thread No one does bitter better than a Mackem scorned, and you and I are only honorary Mackems ;)
  11. safcrhys.

    safcrhys. Winger

    "His slightly effeminate voice".

    :lol: :lol:
  12. toosb

    toosb Striker

    Yes. He cannot even face up to us on Twitter.

    He'll need fucking incontinence pants when Villa play up here next.
  13. The Situation

    The Situation Striker

    Well said Toosb.

    I can't wait 'till we play Villa at The SoL next season.
  14. burchmackem

    burchmackem Striker

    Yep. God help him if he scores.
  15. sonson

    sonson Striker

    Bang on.
  16. chuckyroll

    chuckyroll Striker

    wonder if hes stil there
  17. garydon

    garydon Guest

    The biggest kick in the bollocks by a Sunderland player in all my time supporting them. Never thought he would stoop this low. I'll be starting to go to church to pray for Villa's relegation.

    Nice one toosb.
  18. ISOE II

    ISOE II Central Defender

    He's gone from hero to zero. My lads were distraught at first, but I found some Bent Flyers for early meal deals at the SOL. Me and the bairns have shreaded them. My younger son said see you in hell and the elder did him head first. We are now moving on!
  19. Spargel

    Spargel Winger

    He is delusional if the thinks it will be forgotten or that people will remember him fondly in time. He will get dog's abuse at SoL whenever he plays there for rest of his career. And rightly so. Not because he left but because of all the Keep The Faith bollocks, shallow platitudes and blatant lies.
  20. tom92

    tom92 Central Defender

    spon on
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