Darren Bent - a retrospective

Discussion in 'Gold' started by toosb, Jan 18, 2011.

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  1. toosb

    toosb Striker

    Well what a lying odious fucking piece a shit he turned out to be.
    A fucking badge kissing bellend. No wonder the Spurs fans turned on him so much. We now know why.

    We fucking played the mags with 10 men. He already had his letter to sir prepared. When we equalised late on he wasn't interested.Fucking shameful. Shameful. £50,000 a week he was getting and he wasn't interested in us equalising v Newcastle. Dummy out the minute we signed Gyan it would appear.

    He may need a Lee Clark-style "thigh strain" when Villa play up here next - who knows it could be as early as next season should Villa manage to stay up.

    The stick he will get will be immense. And it will be deserved. I will boo the wanker like fuck. I've never done it for anyone but I fucking well will next time that bastard arrives in town with his slightly effiminate voice.
    He may need his mam.

    He has shafted us and left us completely in the lurch. It could ruin our season, though I doubt it as Brucey is a wise old wheeler and dealer.

    I only hope that Villa don't go to trading standards when they realise they are committed to £24 million for a player who often cannot actually strike a ball cleanly and has the first touch of a virgin.

    Yes, a top class goalscorer but not a class act in any other way.

    Oh and I know you'll read this at some point Darren. You probably have your own name in every search engine of every website on the internet.
    I hope it doesn't hurt your apparently tender feelings.

    I guess £80K a week will ease the hurt. It will buy a few new Xbox games for you to fuck about on while the fans that idolised you go to work.
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  2. SWC111

    SWC111 Midfield

    Quality post. :cool:
  3. Joe Fabulous

    Joe Fabulous Guest

    Spot on Mate.
  4. Eyanthe

    Eyanthe Central Defender

    Well said
  5. The Hooded Claw

    The Hooded Claw Striker

    He makes Nick Clegg appear sincere.
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  6. deka

    deka Full Back

    Spot on.
  7. Dexter

    Dexter Striker

    Ginnan' son.

    Never heard that one before. :lol:
  8. j.w

    j.w Striker

    Typical footballer

    No wonder attendances are going down with pisstaking twats like him taking our well earned money

    I hope he breaks his leg then gets his cocked ripped off by a silver back whilst visiting the zoo on the sick

    not yet ;)
  9. Kborom

    Kborom Winger

    well said Toosb
  10. Spargel

    Spargel Winger

    Quality :lol:

    I love Sunderland football club because it engenders passion like this in its supporters.
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  11. Shinpad

    Shinpad Guest

    Any last bit of respect i had for him has drained away after hearing the shite on Talksport about getting service. Had a purple patch in his first season and now back to needing 4 good chances before he manages to scuff one home. Fuck right off you twat.
  12. AngusPangus

    AngusPangus Full Back

    Narcissistic personality disorder with a sprinkling of Messiah Complex.

    When he was eclipsed by Gyan and Welbeck, and the club had the temerity to refuse his perfectly reasonable request for a massive pay rise, he came to believe that The People were losing faith in him. He wasn't The Messiah, he was a naughty boy. This conflicted with his world view and was unacceptabe to his ego.

    And so he ran away to be The One somewhere else.
  13. I Am The Walrus

    I Am The Walrus Central Defender

    I hope the reception he gets is hostile as fuck. We know the soft twat will shit himself.
  14. Son of Rex

    Son of Rex Guest

    ME too.
  15. Lonz

    Lonz Striker

    Hear, fucking hear.
  16. Spot on Toosb, he has come out of this looking like a right twat.

    He looked like a rabbit caught in the headlights at the press conference, if he doest hit the ground running this could turn into a nightmare for him and Villa

    For 18+ million the Villa fans will be expecting more than just goals, and when his goals dry up for whatever reason he wont get the backing off the Villa fans that he did off us
  17. boydysafc

    boydysafc Midfield

    Great post!
  18. The Archer

    The Archer Striker

    Heskey taking revenge on Bent nicking his spot in the side?

  19. The Hooded Claw

    The Hooded Claw Striker

    A quality striker but a second rate human being unfortunately.
  20. Dan

    Dan Central Defender

    Great post, well said
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