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  1. mcgeezer

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    Frustrated with this game, I can't even get past the first boss.

    I can pretty much get to the first boss and beta him enough for him to mutate into that snake like thing but then I keep getting whacked as there's no way to defend myself.

    Any tips for beating him? I'm playing as a sorcerer class - does it matter was class I am though?

    PS4 control nearly got launched a few times now.
  2. x ALiEN 8

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    I've had the platinum trophy since two weeks after release :) , I've played it to death it's an awesome game.
    The sorcerer class is the weakest of them all plus you don't get a shield I believe, Start with the Knight or Warrier and choose the life ring as your starting gift as it helps massively.
    As for this boss, make sure you're locked on (R3) just two hand your weapon and kick him to fuck until he transforms, then 1 hand your weapon and keep your shield up.
    Try to stay close to him and roll to avoid his swipes, only get one or two hits in, then let your stamina bar replenish, then repeat.
    He's actually laughably easy once you get him worked out.
    The rest of the bosses are a hell of a lot harder, but you can summon two people to help so it's not that hard really.
    I have the platinum for all 3 Souls games as well as Bloodborne, and this one was the easiest to be honest, just stick with it and you get the hang of it in no time.

    If I were you I'd forget all about magic and just make a pure melee quality build, as it's easily the easiest to use and most powerfull
    If you choose the knight, he starts with a long sword which is excellent once you infuse it into a refined long sword.
    It has a B scaling in both strength and Dex, at +6 and above , so once you get both of those attributes up to around 25+ it's really poferful and fast.
    good luck :)

    Whats your PSN by the way?, I'll add you and is you need any advice or help beating bosses etc, I'll help you out :)
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  3. Giddup Sausage!

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    First boss isn't too hard. Just learn to roll out of his way and keep a shield up incase you fuck it up. Only attack when you have stamina to roll away again. Bit of a fuck on but it's like an early lesson for the rest of the game (roll, roll, roll, roll, roll...).

    I'm stuck on that twat who rides the big drake. Nameless King? What a fuck on. Can get him off the drake but he just goes batshit crazy and ends up killing me. Heard he is possibly the hardest in the game?

    I've only managed to actually have a blokey help me (playing offline) once and that was for the old demon king. Ended up doing him solo also. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. I get rid of my hollowing and pop an ember but can never see these NPC summoning things. Pisses me off as I've then blew an ember.. Keep seeing people with 2 and shit, yet I cannot even see one.
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  4. x ALiEN 8

    x ALiEN 8 Midfield

    Aye The Nameless King is hands down, the hardest boss in any Souls game imo, took me 20+ go's to beat him.
    It's also quite hard to find any summon signs for him, people must just beat him once and think "fuck that i'm not fighting that bastard again" :).
    Thank fuck he's a totally optional boss, I only beat him in my first playthrough for the trophy.
    In all playthroughs since, when I see the entrance to his lair, I just think "fuck that shit" and walk on past :)
  5. Giddup Sausage!

    Giddup Sausage! Striker

    I'm well over 20 tries to beat him. But going back each time as I refuse to not beat the twat!

    I've heard you can just boost a crossbow or bow and pew pew him from a distance till he dies. My ranged stuff is all shite tho as never bother with it.
  6. x ALiEN 8

    x ALiEN 8 Midfield

    There's actually a youtube video of someone beating him alone at level 1, without rolling and without taking a single hit, makes it look ridiculously easy :)
    I'll try and find it.

    Found it, so just do what he does, piece of piss man :)

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  7. mcgeezer

    mcgeezer Midfield

    Thanks for the advice mate, got past him now as a knight. Found i couldnt party though with my heavy shield.

    One thing, how the fuck do i buy upgrades for my weapons?

    My psn id mcgeezer75

  8. x ALiEN 8

    x ALiEN 8 Midfield

    You don't buy upgrades, as you're playing the game you'll find titanite shards, large titanite shards, titanite chunks and eventually titanite slabs
    You upgrade your weapons with the blacksmith at firelink shrine, I really recommend using the longsword that you have, and upgrading it to +10, it's a fucking great sword, and perfect for new players as you get loads of swings without running out of stamina :)
    Also as soon as you can, infuse it with a refined gem and concentrate on upping strength and dex as you level up.
    You'll first need to find a refined gem and the right coal to give the blacksmith.
    But take it from me, stick with that long sword, get it to Refined +10 and you're in easy mode :)

    Also, don't waste your embers, keep them for bosses so that you can summon help

    Why don't you play online? , I could never play souls games without summoning help for bosses. I always make sure I have two people watching my back before I take on a boss :)
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  9. Giddup Sausage!

    Giddup Sausage! Striker

    Beat him last night, gerrin. Didn't take too long either. Kinda just stood back and waited for him to do his aerial attack and roll under him, turn, hit him and roll out again before he swings. Was piss easy in the end doing that. He only hit me when I get a bit cocky and tried to get more attacks in.

    That vid above is insane though. Times the rolls perfectly each time. When I tried that I was still getting hit loads and it wouldn't let me just run out of the way like he was doing!

    Never got time for online at the moment as I tend to do stuff as I play (workouts, learning IT, our lass phoning, etc.) so I'm on and off the computer and I hate people who just go afk all the time and not give 2 fucks about those partied with them. Managed to beat every boss solo so far, so all is good!
  10. screwjack

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    bit of a bump for this thread,but....just bought this on playstation store,and havent a f--king clue what im doing.getting my arse kicked about 5mins into it,if i see 'you died' once more this playstation is out the f--king window
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  11. smoker

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    Got this last Christmas and, after initially rage-quitting on the tutorial boss, I've gone back in as a new character class (Knight) and am towards the end of High Walls of Lothric but getting my arse routinely kicked by Lothric Knights.

    I'm level 22, longsword raw modded and reinforced to +1 which is fast and dealing good damage but the twats just block everything then knock my shield away with their attacks. Should I switch to Claymore and try stagger locking them?

    Any tips @x ALiEN 8 @Giddup Sausage! ?

    Initial learning curve is too steep. I can understand them wanting to make the game rich and challenging, it's part of its identity, but they're driving off casual players by making it too hard early game. I know a lot of hardcore RPG types (Diablo/Monster Hunter/Warcraft fans) who gave up on it early. Co-op mode is also confusing and allows trolls to derail your quest.
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  12. screwjack

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    i tried and tried,but couldn’t get past the first ‘boss’ ( as i said,minutes into the game ).for the sake of my playstation,i deleted the f—ker
  13. smoker

    smoker Striker

    I was same, must have taken me 18-20 attempts and I was ready to stot the remote off the floor. I'm feeling the same about Lothric Knights. What made the difference was learning about R3 target camera lock so I could stay out of his range. It's also fairly easy to get round the back of him and do some big damage, until he goes all abyss monster on you. The fights require a lot of tactics compared to other games, where you can just steam in and lay down DPS. A lot of Youtubers just seem to be stagger locking the hollows but I can only hit 2 or 3 times before I get twatted back, maybe longsword is too light for that.
  14. screwjack

    screwjack Midfield

    none of that makes me want to install it again:lol:
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  15. smoker

    smoker Striker

    Yeah, you beat him you just run into the next impossible twat.

    NVM, I beat the fuckers and the ice dog boss who was actually easier than the knights. Key seemed to be to use the two handed weapon skill L2/R2 to knock their shields out of the way, or roll round the back and back stab them. They won't go into the chapel so you can bait them to the chapel door way and cheese them . Was up till 3.30am exploring the Undead Settlement....this game is kind of growing on me.

    Invaders are proper arseholes mind. Had some who must have been low rank with end game gear.
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