Dark Mode text contrast issue


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A lot of text in dark mode is #929292 which is really quite difficult to read against the background colour. - it does actually just about pass AA standard but even so it is quite uncomfortable.

The text on the forums thread list page is white and that is much easier to read. Is it possible to lighten the text?


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Point taken.

It is obviously possible, but making it much lighter would make it easily confused with the link text (as on the forums page) which is white and a different colour for a reason.

I would also be cautious about changing it because of the number of people who have become accustomed to it and as we all know, people hate change!


Subs Bench
Understandable in the context - forums are a bit of an unusual case I suppose in that a link should be underlined (from an accessibility point of view) but that would make the list look very busy so I understand why you'd want to avoid that from an aesthetic point of view.

It might be nice to provide and accessible/higher contrast dark mode view? Understand adding that many overrides might be a pain however.

Regardless, thanks for the response, appreciate it.