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Daily Mail - they think a whale is a 'giant fish'

Discussion in 'SMB' started by lurker, Apr 21, 2017.

  1. Pants

    Pants Winger

    Bloody 1%ers!
  2. He's an agent of the fish people on a mission to spread disinformation. You should smear yourself in marmite to protect yourself then kill him.
  3. Fetch Fletch

    Fetch Fletch Striker

    :lol: worse than fucking lizard people!
  4. Discopants91

    Discopants91 Striker

    I had to take this kind of line when I had to write a 1000 word essay on why a whale isn't a mammal.
  5. KeefBeer

    KeefBeer Midfield

    Honest to god my 8yo granddaughter told me that joke when we met up over Easter :)
  6. Charmless Man

    Charmless Man Striker

    Wait until you find out what they call a deer with no eyes!
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  7. lurker

    lurker Winger

    That's where the Mail recruit most of their staff
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  8. Boris Bear

    Boris Bear Striker

    Its a big fucking fish, man
  9. George Kaplan

    George Kaplan Winger

    with a net, on the net
  10. kossoff

    kossoff Winger


    Haha, fuck!
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  11. lurker

    lurker Winger

  12. GK

    GK Striker

    Its closer to human than fish. Basically its a human?
  13. Boris Bear

    Boris Bear Striker

    Shut your blow-hole, man
  14. I've halibut enough of this thread. Too much carp being posted.

    Beautiful. Never got the a-tench-un it deserved.
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  15. 007Iron

    007Iron Midfield

    Don't start blubbering!
  16. No blubber here, pal. I am not a chub. I am all mussels.
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  17. ErichZann

    ErichZann Winger

  18. The Daily Mail Printing lies, well i never :lol::lol:
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  19. Fetch Fletch

    Fetch Fletch Striker

    On a scale of 1-10 this thread is 10
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  20. 007Iron

    007Iron Midfield

    It's certainly not floundering.
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