Current heatwave in the UK

Turns out the weather in the south differs somewhat to that on the northeast coast.

But I read on here that isn’t the case?

Can anyone advise? Got heat stroke so can’t make sense of it.
What advice would you like on the differences?

For a start weather and climate are two completely different things, so all weather is completely different to that elsewhere, or even in the same place from day to day. I suspect you mean climate.

Climate wise we have comparable rainfall and sunshine on the Northeast coast as they do in London. What differs dramatically are the summer temperatures (not winter), snowfall depending on wind direction and the intensity and frequency of rainfall because of the different geographical factors.

That's just a basic overview, but hope it helps in your quest for enlightenment.


Just been for a nice jog along the river and sea front. Sun belting from early dooes. Refreshing exercising with the clean coastal air instead of London smog mind :cool:
Some clouds coming over but getting burned away.

BBQ nearly done
Scranned and sun still out.

Making the rain clouds its bitch burning them away
My chicken kebab starters are on now, followed by a burger, and lastly a jumbo sausage in a bun to finish, washed down with a few stella unfiltered bottles.

Love it.👌