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Curb Your Enthusiasm

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Stray Cat, Jun 16, 2017.

  1. Stray Cat

    Stray Cat Striker

    This just popped up on Sky box sets so as I'd never seen it before I thought I'd give it a whirl.

    I've done S1 in 2 days and I think I love Larry David a little bit :D
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  2. Chappers

    Chappers Striker

    It is fantastic. New series coming soon, too
  3. What A Waster

    What A Waster Winger

    What A Waster approval rating: 92%
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  4. Chappers

    Chappers Striker

    Wait till you meet leon.
  5. sketchy

    sketchy Midfield

    I'm jealous that you get to watch it for the first time. Larry David is the best TV character of all time and even better that he plays himself
  6. Stray Cat

    Stray Cat Striker

    who he?
  7. screwjack

    screwjack Midfield

    it's class.got them all on dvd,but might watch them on sky box sets because it saves me getting off settee
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  8. Chappers

    Chappers Striker

    You'll see :lol:
  9. Stray Cat

    Stray Cat Striker

    He's abit like Victor Meldrew but without a script.

    I do that
  10. zwartekat

    zwartekat Striker

    New series has taken forever. Almost certain to be the last I think. It's provided some wonderful entertainment.
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  11. Batdad

    Batdad Midfield

    'Ya gotta get up inside that ass Larry!'
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  12. SproutMackem

    SproutMackem Striker

    Just couldn't get into it.
  13. luvulongtime

    luvulongtime Striker

    Susie's abuse of him and jeff is tremendous
  14. Finnman

    Finnman Midfield

    You need to watch Seinfeld as well
  15. Monty Pigeon

    Monty Pigeon Winger

  16. royalmush83

    royalmush83 Central Defender

    I've seen them all like but gona watch them from the start. Favourite comedy series by a country mile!

    Never really seen any, is it as good as curb?
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  17. Fetch Fletch

    Fetch Fletch Striker

  18. dixonsafc

    dixonsafc Striker

  19. Stray Cat

    Stray Cat Striker

    That's the last episode I watched :lol:
  20. The Exile

    The Exile Striker

    Three words.

    The golf club.

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