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    The islands are bonny, hvar and that. We went last year having been about 6 years earlier, and the price hike was ridiculous. A glass of wine and a bottle of beer in Korcula was £16! to be fair that was in bar overlooking the sea in the old town bit and we did get cheaper food and drink when we wandered inland a bit.

    In short, very pretty but a lot more expensive than it was a few years ago.
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    V.jealous :D
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  3. Aye, we're having a great time.

    Weve both packed in work for a year to do a bit if travelling even though it's going to leave us a bit tight financially but, we've both had a bit if bad health in the last couple of years (all ok now) so doing it while we are fit and relatively healthy.

    Got 6 weeks in the USA, a Norwegian Fjords Cruise, a month in Scotland and Ireland and the a driving tour of France Spain Portugal and Italy planned.

    We did Croatia first as it's iur favourite country.
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    Thinking about going next summer with the wife, our 1 year old and our 5 year old. Good or bad idea? Any hints or tips?
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    we went the last 2 years with the kids mate - its ideal, just make sure you go July or Agust to guarantee the weather
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    If anyone fancies Bol on the island of Brac, this might whet your whistle:

    Virtual Tour generated by Panotour

    Bol - Air Virtual Tour

    (hope the bottom one works - it ain't displaying on my new laptop but did on my old one last week. If it works, just click on the little helicopters to change the view of the town)
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    Fab x
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  8. coxhoedave

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    Been to Rovinj three times over the last four years. Stunningly beautiful place with crystal clear waters. Hired a new Citroen C3 for a ridiculously cheap £115 for two weeks. Drove up to Slovenia twice and once up to Italy. The toll roads are empty and very cheap. There's so much to see in Istria. Personally I couldn't recommend it highly enough
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    Which company is that with, mate?
  10. coxhoedave

    coxhoedave Midfield I payed for a Skoda Fabia but was upgraded. Picked the car up at Pula airport. It’s the first time I’ve hired a car for the duration of a holiday but it made the holiday so much more enjoyable
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  11. Hoon

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    I was quite surprised by Zagreb. A lot nicer than I thought it would be. Cheap as chips too.
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    Used to do twin centre hols before the bother, with Yugotours usually at the end of May before it got too hot and more expensive.
    One week on an island, one week on the mainland, so we never got bored.
    Lots of big fat Germans laying on the nudi beaches trying to stop the tide coming in.:lol:
    Cheap as chips back then.
  13. Jap Stammer

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    We stayed in Cavtat last year - fairlyy quiet, but beautiful scenery, especially walking around the twin headlands, and some great (and reasonably priced) restaurants. Beer was anywhere between £2 and £3.50 a pint, depending where you went.

    Fantastic Marina where the boats come right up to the restaurants bordering the path - saw some of the best motor cruisers and yachts I've ever seen.

    Regular buses and water taxis to Dubrovnik which is only about 10 mile away if you fancy something busier. Crystal clear water (no sandy beaches to muddy everything up).

    Went in July - it was roasting. Mid-30C's every day.
  14. Fred Secrets

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    The Croatians.

    A great bunch of lads.
  15. Thanks Janey

    I noticed that you'd liked a few of my blog posts on that there twitter.

    FYI we did over 20k steps on Saturday. I thought of you when we checked the total
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  16. coxhoedave

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    A return taxi from Pula Airport to Rovinj was £70. Car rental for 2 weeks from the airport was £115. No brainer really.
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  17. janey

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    Yep I certainly have, I’m in no way jealous, not at all ;):lol:.
    20k is impressive, I hope you had a well earned beer at the end of it. :)
    Safe touring xx
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  18. Don't wear a hijab.
  19. I'm glad you're not jealous. Envy is a terrible thing :D

    We did indeed a have a beer or 2 afterwards. I've been enjoying the local brews and the wife (no) is enjoying the local wines :lol:
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  20. janey

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    It most certainly is a terrible thing :D
    I’m glad you are enjoying the local beverages I loved Croatia
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