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Discussion in 'SMB' started by Lexingtongue, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. Lexingtongue

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    Probably meeting a friend there for two weeks in June. I'm about to start my own. research but thought I'd also ask the font of all knowledge that is the SMB for advice too. We want to see a few different spots so where should we look to start and where should we definitely see? How easy and costly is transport over there? Is it expensive to eat and drink there? Any other useful info appreciated. Cheers.
  2. Zagreb and Split are both deeply average
    Dubrovnik is stunning if busy
    Trains only run as far south as Split I think, buses from there
    Was cheap as chips but that was 2006 or something so may have changed
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  3. Lambchops

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    Food and drink is cheap as chips, travel is erratic and not so cheap - better off just hiring a car.

    For places I agree with @chunkylover53 - last few times we've stopped in the north and there's some lovely places - pula, umag, medulin etc all close together
  4. seaham ftm

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    Make sure to spend a day at krka National Park about an hour and a half out of Split
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  5. DJP

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    Which part of Croatia are you planning to go too? I've been up and down the Croatian coast several times over the years and I'm off to Rovinj again in the first week in October.

    Transport is cheap and good value, especially the ferries. Rovinj is picture postcard pretty and perfectly placed to explore Istria. You can even catch a fast boat over to Venice from there. We found eating out reasonably priced, the seafood in Croatia is to die for. Bottled wine can be pricey so stick to the carafes which are cheap as chips. Beer is about the same price as over here.

    From Rovinj you can visit the stunning ampitheatre at Pula, beautiful hilltop towns like Motovun or Grojznan, even further afield to Lake Bled in Slovenia.

    You could fly to Split in Dalmatia if you want to visit cracking islands like Brac or Hvar. We stayed in the lovely beach town of Bol on Brac last year and it was fantastic. Wish I was still there now! There's some amazing mainland towns up the coast from Split, like Trogir, Sibernik and Primosten which are a gateway to trips to fabulous national parks like Krka or the Plitvice Lakes.

    Dubrovnik in the south of the country is lovely but often overrun with cruise ship tourists. It is still well worth a look though. We hired a private driver when we were there who took us on a day trip to Montenegro. An awesome day out

    I would recommend Croatia to anyone. I love the place :cool:
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  6. Lexingtongue

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    How much to rent a car per day you reckon? Also, how long to travel by car from northern spots to southern?

    I'm open to suggestions. I'll probably fly into Split. North sounds good from what I've seen on here.
  7. Lambchops

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    No idea on rental prices mate we've always drove ourselves, the toll roads are usually empty so a few hours at most
  8. Lexingtongue

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    Thanks, mate. Meant to tag you as I thought you'd be clued up so glad you saw this. How much are the tolls roughly?
  9. I drove Dubrovnik to Tisno in about 5 hours, good roads
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  10. Lambchops

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    Pennies from what I remember mate, cheapest ones I can remember

    Aye from the Slovenian border its about 3.5 hours down to Dubrovnik I think if I remember rightly
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  11. Left For Dead

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    Pula from leeds bradford airport- amazing place- day trips to trieste and slovenia- top location in europe for me
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  12. forzamilansafc

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    Not been but I'd avoid Dubrovnik
  13. It is different to the rest of the country like, they've learned to rob tourists there..... But it is beautiful
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  14. Lexingtongue

    Lexingtongue Striker

    Looking at the pictures I definitely think we'd want to stop in there, even if just for a day.
  15. bernardbresslaw

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    I drove the campervan to Porec a couple of years ago. Great place, cheap to eat out, beers not bad at all. Lake Bled is something else mind but it's a canny drive (ok for us as we passed it on the way back).
  16. Lambchops

    Lambchops Striker

    We stop there on the way there every time, breaks the drive up
  17. That's what we did, flew in there because the flights suited, drove up to Murter Island to see friends and had a day in Dubrovnik before we left
  18. bernardbresslaw

    bernardbresslaw Striker

    We drove that way back - Lake Bled then Salzburg - Munich.
    On the way there we drove through Switzerland to the Brenner Pass, through the Italian Alps down to Venice for a few days before Croatia. Not bad for a 30 year old van :lol:
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  19. Lexingtongue

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    I'm regards to driving, would all I need to take be my UK driver's licence card?
  20. Lambchops

    Lambchops Striker

    Class!! Our route is basically Vienna, Maribor, llublijana, Croatia

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