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Credit card with benefits

Discussion in 'SMB' started by JAZZMANB, May 22, 2018.


    JAZZMANB Striker

    Any suggestions folks ?,dont need good rates or nowt ,always flatten the balance every month

    Had my card people ring me today as i missed my payment for the first time ever ,as i say always flatten it every month
    the min payment was £5 (£111 bill) ,he asked if i'd pay today i said no, i'll pay the same time i always do so he blocked my card.So i'm a risk for a fiver with a £6500 cr limit on my card ,Knackers
  2. Spennymackem1981

    Spennymackem1981 Midfield

    I prefer friends wit benefits tbf
  3. J0hnboy

    J0hnboy Midfield Contributor

    There goes your credit rating. Should have paid it.
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  4. AndrewP

    AndrewP Striker

    I use Tesco, will probably move because of the reward changes though.
  5. becs

    becs Striker

    I've got an Amex platinum cashback card and a Tesco Clubcard Mastercard as back up for places that don't take Amex.
  6. SPUFF

    SPUFF Striker

    Ba amex by miles. Can I recomend you as a friend, as I dont have any!
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  7. Ghost of Bagpuss

    Ghost of Bagpuss Central Defender

    If you pay off the balance every month then they will be looking for any excuse to bin you off mate, literally nowt in it for them.
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  8. Mantobar

    Mantobar Midfield

    Got visa cashback 0.5%
    Since they done away with fees ive put everything on it
    Prob go down to .25% soon
  9. This, think I pay £25 annual fee with my Amex but get back hundreds in cash back. I use it as much as possible and pay it off in full every month by direct debit. Easy enough to keep track of how much you’ve spent on the app. Just use my debit card when they don’t take Amex.
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  10. Goat Eyes

    Goat Eyes Striker

    I spend over a grand a month on expenses on a personal credit card.

    I should really get a cash back one.
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  11. Alan BStard

    Alan BStard Striker

    Apart from the charge they make to the retailer.
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  12. Le Chuck

    Le Chuck Striker

    Ive got barclaycard paying 0.5% on purchases.

    Also have sainsburys card which is 0% for 31 months, then stooze with nationwide at 5% also gives double nectar points & bumber points in 1st couple of months for sainsburys shopping over £20

    And you're teaching our kids :lol:

    What hope have they got? :lol:
  13. sketchy

    sketchy Midfield

    depends if you want rewards in cash, hotels or flights? amex cover most bases.
  14. Effrafax

    Effrafax Midfield

    3k for me
  15. Le Chuck

    Le Chuck Striker

    Apart from loads of places not accepting amex
  16. Effrafax

    Effrafax Midfield

    The vast majority do
  17. Goat Eyes

    Goat Eyes Striker

    It wasn’t a competition. But well done bro. :lol:
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  18. iPabs

    iPabs Midfield

  19. Le Chuck

    Le Chuck Striker

    Wouldnt say 'vast'
    Used to have one, and you'd be surprised at how many dont.

    Farm Foods

    Off the top of my head
  20. becs

    becs Striker

    Aldi do now. They did a bonus cashback a while back. Think I got an extra £5.

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