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    I’ve just finished a large commercial project which has taken me thirteen months and am about to start the follow up which will take me to July / August.

    After that, I’m planning on moving to a large project which essentially involves making educational films for schools / children.

    I’m more than happy to travel to places and photograph and film for myself, but that isn’t always practical. For example if I wanted to show a volcano on Hawaii – it’s a bit tricky / expensive for what would amount to 2 -3 minute of useable footage.

    I’ve spent a fair amount of time researching ahead of the project and there is a licensing service / process called Creative Commons. There are different variations on the license, but so long as I avoid the “NC” for Non Commercial use – when a photograph or video is tagged with a Creative Commons license then, so long as appropriate credit is given – it can be used. Therefore I can search, for example, a Hawaii Volcano video on Youtube and filter by Creative Commons. Following that all the films are available for use (with appropriate credit given in the final product.

    There are a number of sources where (nearly) all the materials are available for Creative Commons use. So far my list includes:

    Wikipedia / Wikimedia


    US Military (all)

    Pixabay website (images)

    Google image search (filtered for Creative Commons)

    Youtube video search (as described above – filtered for Creative Commons)

    Unsplash website (images)

    Please could I ask if anyone is aware of any other major sources such as these or organisations, such as NASA which make all (or nearly all) their materials available in this manner? Especially news organisation or video stocks?

    Cheers in advance for any advice!

    Flickr filtered for CC too - sorry forgot to include that
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