Covid rules we’ll look back on as ridiculous in years to come.


I think there were loads, particularly in the first lockdown and the following few months, but the situation was unprecedented and rules were being made in a rush, obviously they didn't have time to go over them with a fine toothcomb and relied on people's common sense being used.

Think the worst one for me was, when the schools were back, my granddaughter was allowed to sit next to, eat with, play with her friends at school for 6 hours a day, but wasn't allowed into next door's garden to play with the friend she sits next to at school. Tried to explain why a couple of times, got pissed off and just let them play anyway.


Washing hands, covering the mouth when sneezing, not going to work when infected etc.

Ridiculous that people had to be reminded.


Being allowed to wear mask not fit for purpose.

couldnt have a pint but could go in a corner shop with zero restrictions.

needing a mask to get into a restaurant but not at the table

being restricted but your bairns could still go to school

loads really


Central Defender
a one from my place of work:

all meals are to be served not self service, but you can help yourself to the dessert
Everybody must sit alone in the mess, most workplaces are less than 2 meters wide onboard. you spend 10 mins eating, and 11.5h working with people in these places


Face masks.
Every time I go to the dentist he hoys a fresh one out of the box.
Every time I go to the supermarket I see people pull out a manky old cloth Petri dish of hideousness, slap it on their pyatt then spend the next 20 minutes handling shit then putting it back.
I think anyone in a mask could be a bank robber, just usiing a masked public to cover them...don't trust any of them.


You couldn't see ya mates but could mix with dozens of unmasked and unsanitised scatters coughing and sneezing all over you and on shelved goods in a supermarket.

The other one was during the first lockdown, the 1 hour of exercise per day. 😂 haha why aye fuck off Boris.
A bit similar to that was you could talk to people outside, at a distance of 2m, but not people you knew or were friends with.

Walking the dog I could have a natter to a stranger, but it would have been illegal to talk to a mate if I randomly bumped into them.

Not a rule but a really silly thing was early on when self appointed do gooders had leaflets printed and snuck about putting them on peoples cars saying they should not be out, when they should not have been out either.
The initial shielding notification said do not go outside at all but you could sit by a window and open it a crack for some fresh air. I was absolutely terrified when I got that.