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Covid rules we’ll look back on as ridiculous in years to come.


Some of the relaxations for the first lockdown.

I couldn't have family around to my house for a meal, to sit round my dining table. I could go to the pub with them for a meal and sit round one of their tables, with other people close by.

Couldn't have the mother-in-law round. Could if I employed her as a cleaner.

There are a couple of ones which do just seem to be my work place implementation of the rules rather than government decided. Cyclists can't use the shower cubicles at work because they are not cleaned immediately afterwards and not to do so in an area where people get changed is a risk apparently. Cyclists can use toilet cubicles to get changed. Now it seems sports centre showers might be opening but not individual cubicles in buildings. So I can have a shower with other people but no by myself because of risk.

The other work one is wear a mask if in a shared office at all times. You shouldn't remove it to have a cup of tea or your lunch. If you want to do that, rather than sit spaced out in the office with 3 work mates, come to a common room in the next building over, sit around a table with the same 3 work mates and 30 other people.

Stagecoach have signs on their busses saying they have disabled wireless due to Covid!

I think a few H&S people who have done a course but didn't understand it are implementing random rules, but they are the sort of people who don't usually manage to think things through anyway. Others are using covid as an excuse to cut services and not do things they can't be arsed with.


As we learn more and more about COVID19 many things we did will look ridiculous in fact those with 1st class degrees in Hindsight are going to have a field day


You couldn't see ya mates but could mix with dozens of unmasked and unsanitised scatters coughing and sneezing all over you and on shelved goods in a supermarket.

The other one was during the first lockdown, the 1 hour of exercise per day. 😂 haha why aye fuck off Boris.
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Central Defender
Having a limit of 3 packs of 48 toilet rolls, hand santitiser, chicken, bread etc that was restricted in shops. It looks ridiculous now never mind in the future.


Central Defender
Some outlets deciding you should only able to shop alone.

Being told maybe I could leave the little uns outside with an 11 year old was a particular highlight.
Oh and getting kicked out of Wilkos in Newton Aycliffe for buying paint with another adult in the bubble despite concerted efforts to make it look like we'd never met each other


One the early press conferences in March 2020….’ We are advising over 70year olds not to take cruise holidays’


Xmas...In tier one. Two miles away tier 4.

Same case rate.

ps. A cup of coffee was redefined as a picnic.
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Mr Whippy

Not being able to say goodbye to loved ones in their final days.
Massive limitations around being with your wife whilst in labour, giving birth, after birth etc.