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Discussion in 'Help Desk' started by flusheding, May 23, 2018.

  1. flusheding

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    I've been given a copyright warning ( for posting content from this PDF file -

    that is linked to from this page -

    Registered Intermediaries

    The PDF file itself includes the line

    "This information has been made publicly available in accordance with the requirements of the FIFA Regulations on Working with Intermediaries and The FA Regulations on Working with Intermediaries."

    I can understand the Mod possibly getting it mixed up with a newspaper article about it but I haven't copied any content from a newspaper website, it is from the source document that has purposely been made publicly available for scrutiny.

    any chance this can be rescinded?
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  2. Roger

    Roger The Gaffer Staff Member

    The takedown notice we received was from Die Transfermarkt GmbH & Co. KG presumably because a "bot" found text which is on their websites reproduced here.

    I will remove the warning as you posted in good faith - but bear in mind that "publicly available" doesn't mean that it isn't subject to copyright - everything on RTG and most of the internet is publicly available, but is still subject to copyright.

    Generally speaking, snippets from articles are fine (ideally accompanied by a link to the full article), but copying full articles and or images is seen as a breach of copyright.
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  3. flusheding

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    I appreciate that Roger but it does worry me a bit that it turns out I've actually got a copyright warning on this forum from a company that doesn't even own the copyright to the content I posted.

    I copied a small proportion of the content of the file (which you could probably argue is fair use) that the FA produced and then a German company who uses that information on their own website for profit uses an automated system to send out warnings and I'm given the warning straight away without it being checked?

    It's not news to me that companies abuse automated takedown systems but still...
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    I have a warning for 'piracy' :eek: - I've not done anything of the sort :confused:
  5. Jolly Roger?
  6. :lol:
  7. ErichZann

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    Think I may have said I use a particular app to watch TV shows and films....I'm a pirate :(
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