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  1. There was a man I used to work with many moons ago converted to Islam. Got a Muslim name too, though he used his English one at work. Used to go to his car to pray. No prayer rooms back in the day.

    It does, so I was told today.
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  2. I agree with Milo and Japan.
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    There was a bit on the BBC website this week about Ramadan myths and this was one of them, apparently it is fine to swallow saliva as it is not consuming anything quite an interesting article

    I know of an ex military lad from Sunderland who converted (a few on here will know him and his brother may even post on here) seems to have worked very well for him based on the little I know about it. For me I struggle to understand religion in general so converting as an adult baffles me somewhat but each to their own and as it has no effect on my life let them get on with it I say.
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    It wasn't a myth. I was there. Mind, the Imam is crackers, the locals were so fucking sick of him blasting out the call to prayer early morning shift they cut the wires to the speaker on the Mosque roof. :lol:
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    My fault it was misconceptions not myths, some Imams interpret the ruling to mean people cannot swallow saliva but apparently this is incorrect, although you cannot swallow others peoples saliva.
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    Shite when me and our lass have to wait for the sunset call to pray from the mosque before we can start bucking. I done the fast last year it was quite easy TBH I don't think I will do it this year as she is away.
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    Suppose you can say the same about Christianity, since it comes from the same place. Jesus Christ was by definition, middle eastern and Jewish. He's also recognised in the Koran as a prophet.

    Anglosaxons here would have previously been pagans or Druids, before a middle-eastern religions became more prominent.
    The population with Norse ancestry would have believed in Thor and Odin.
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    Ramadan Kareem everyone.
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  9. Imagine almost dying of thirst all in the name of some poncey sky pixie.
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    Ahhh. The good old days when the only Mohammed anyone really knew about was a fella called Ali.
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    It will all be worth it when they enter paradise.

    Imagine spending your entire life following a load of stupid rules in the hope you will go somewhere better when you die. It's the biggest con ever played on people. A lifetime of sacrifice for absolutely fuck all.
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    Just move to the continent away from any British type resorts. Sorted.
  13. On the other side of the coin a lot of people take great comfort in their faith, Catholics, High Church of England to name a few faiths I know people who subscribe to.

    I wouldn’t classify Islam as a religion tho - of the few Muslims I’ve known the ones born and bred in Blighty (Pakistani parents) who were sound didn’t actually practice Islam apart from refraining from eating bacon and were westernised/normal so it was more of a culture to them.

    The only orthodox Muslim I’ve know was a family member and caused havoc with his barbaric beliefs to women and is no longer part of the family now, to our relief.
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    He'd have to drop the seats, Shirley?
    Or he'd end up cracking his bonce on the steering wheel every time.
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    one magic sky fairy is the same as any other...

    surely Buddhism is the best...a big jolly fat bloke who just wants people to get along
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    Tell that to the Buddhist monks burning out the Rohingya villagers for the crime of being non-Buddhist.

    Or the Bodu Bala Sena group in Sri Lanka ...
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    Shinto then? does that have any loonies?!

    there has to be at least one religion where people don't fuck it up by being twats
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    Has some mad Japanese nationalists, pick a religion which is only practiced by a few blokes in some island somewhere and it might be less violent
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    Bucking is for puffs and teenagers.
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