Converting to Islam

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Man About Town, May 16, 2018.

  1. Qwerty

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    Muslims are consumer driven as much as anybody else.
  2. ErichZann

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    If Islam (or any other religion) helps you lead a better and more fulfilled life then crack on I say, just don't let your actions affect others. As the great Pagan saying goes An it harm none do what ye will.
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  3. Christianity, Islam, and Judaism have many similarities and many differences. They are all Abrahamic religions and worship the same God. Each religion requires its followers to adhere to a certain moral code and show devotion to God through prayer. The differences between them are the moral and cultural "guidelines", now that's like a fucked up chinese whisper.

    That bit is your ideal, not theirs.
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    I'm not looking forward to the old lady wirey chin hairs like :neutral:
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    I divnt like mouthy women that get drunk and show ankles, so I'm thinking about it.
  6. Tex

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    There must be a tiny minority of ‘religious’ people who follow the rules, laws and conventions of their religion to the letter.

    So they are in effect tagging on to the larger aspects that appeal to them and bending the rules for all the other stuff.

    But if one person can bend the rules his/her way, the next person can bend different rules in a different way and the whole thing loses its purpose.

    My neighbour ‘converted’ to Catholicism when he married his Hispanic wife. She’s pro choice and pro birth control, doesn’t go to confession nor even church and doesn’t believe in a solution from a priest so I wonder what makes her a Catholic instead of just a more generic non denominational version of Christianity? Still even though the husband was godfather to another neighbour’s kid he won’t attend that family’s church cos ‘I'm catholic’

    I think he was a bit cobbed that we didn’t ask him to be godfather to our bairn. We didn’t have a baptism and I wouldn’t have asked a bloody left footer anyway. I’m waiting for it to come up in the conversation that I can tell him his pathetic ‘conversion’ ruled him out.

    What kind of person gives up whatever belief system they originally held just to marry a bewer? What do you stand for if you can be manipulated into changing like that? Why didn’t he ‘make’ her convert to his religion? (See also Ivanka Trump becoming jewish).
  7. Secret Visage

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    Not religious in the slightest.

    Born, live, pay taxes then become worm food.

    Christened a Catholic, went to CofE school.

    Like my Sunday morning lieins and Corrie omnibus too much to be up singing hymns.
  8. GAS Man

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    Give up bacon or other pork products? Fuck that!
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  9. You follow Sunderland. That is a religion.

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  10. That’s got to be a major root cause to the Islamists inner rage issues.
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  11. Sam Handwich

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    Disconnected youths who feel they need to belong to something/anything, but can't integrate into white western ways.
  12. Scorer

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    For pretty much the same reasons people convert to Catholicism, Judaism, join the church of the Latter Day Saints or become jehova's witnesses, Buddhist or any other religion. Not being religious in the least I don't know why that is but I'd guess it's about identity, community and tribalism with an element of making sense of the world. I get the same things from the team I support, my friends and family, my political beliefs, pubs and science but each to their own.
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    I prefer .mkv or .avi tbh like. H.264, 2-pass.
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    I was once on a job with one, up scaffolding all day and it was red hot. We were drinking loads but he refused. The gaffer had serious concerns that he might faint and fall on someone. Surely your job safety should override your religious beliefs?
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  15. ---Nemo---

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    Some even preach it's forbidden to swallow your saliva. A family I know kicked off with the local Imam about it after he told their eldest lad he had to follow this practice.
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    Anyone worked out why skin colour is being brought into it yet?
  17. living in hope

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    Especially this month.
  18. safcforever

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    Over in the states there’s some proper loony Christians
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  19. He said KNACKERS hun
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    Used to work with a Muslim lass who's white boyfriend converted. He was a copper and he changed his name anarl. Ironically, he also had to get his bobby's helmet sorted.
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