Converting to Islam

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Man About Town, May 16, 2018.

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    A friend of mine did. He married someone from that tradition and culture and although he’s not particularly ‘religious’ he’s always been a thoughtful, interested and spiritual person, in my experience.

    The only noticeable difference in his approach, demeanour and attitude to anything at all was that he gave up alcohol. Made not a jot of difference to me in any way whatsoever. He divorced some years later.

    We didn’t engage in any more religiously motivated conversations than before, he didn’t attempt to convert anyone or preach, he didn’t quote the Koran, didn’t profess to believe in heavenly virgins or to radicalise anyone. I know a lot of people will be disappointed by that but there you go

    Mind you none of my Muslim aquaintsnces and friends have been in any way more or less inclined to define themselves or their relationships with others entirely via their religious or non religious convictions than any of the Christians of whatever hue I’ve known over the years

    The only people who regularly and most vehemently try to influence me or engage with me about such topics are atheists. Usually rabbiting on about how they don’t like to have religion ‘rammed down their throats’.

    Hope this helps.
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    Muslims tend to gain weight during Ramadan rather than lose it, cos of how they like to make special stuff to stuff their faces with once the daily fast ends.
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    Certainly makes life easier ......poor lad yesterday was telling me how difficult it was when the weather is warm and hes got to wait till sunset for a drink.
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    Better off becoming a jedi
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    It certainly seemed they had a feast. Lovely to be part of. Albeit in a hospital ward!! :lol:
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  6. Lad at work always does Ramadan. It's his one concession to Islam really.. drinks the remainder of the year.

    It is a bugger if it's bang in the summer.. it moves a week a year I think.

    He had between ten a d four in the morning to eat last year
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    went to temple for a bit....... theyre canny people like
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  8. I think I'll pass.
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    Cat Stevens? 'No idiot by anyone's stretch of the imagination.

    Maybe someone bored with the Western world and Consumerism? Doesn't take a lot to understand why a minority may reject it.
  10. E M P I R E

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    Ramadan Kareem, everyone.
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  11. Why does someone become a born again Christian..

    Normally a vacuum that they looking to fill.

    Some might do that through a hobby...

    Others will channel it through religion.
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    Why would someone convert to Islam?

    Firstly, I don't think which religion someone converts to matters, so I won't focus on Islam. Even conversion is probably unnecessary, it could just as easily be someone becoming active in their own religion after lapsing.

    I imagine when someone becomes deeply religious out of nowhere there could be any number of factors coming into play.

    Pick one or more of the below I guess:

    -Socially isolated
    -Concerns about their own mortality, or a loved one
    -Concerns about their morality, maybe they're guilty about something and want to be forgiven.
    -Perhaps there have been issues with addiction around alcohol, narcotics, sex, or something else and the rules of a religion help with that.

    Ultimately I think all of these things can lead to low satisfaction with quality of life.
  13. Wasn’t it suggested that the ugly former skunks death could have been related to the practice and how athletes struggled
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    I reckon a good proportion of this board will be looking for something different, something with a bit of meaning.

    Some think Islam is the answer. 'Could be for all I know.

    Submitting to one idea doesn't really interest me, but I can see why some would and it certainly doesn't make them idiots.
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  15. daedalus

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    Then showed how much of an idiot he is by agreeing with the fatwa against Salman Rushdie.
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  16. wash

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    Don't think so, haven't met a vegan with a body belt loaded up with explosive cucubers yet
  17. Make it law

    Can you grow a ladybeard? :eek:
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    If you're gonna follow a religion follow one that lets ya drink.
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  19. Upthere

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    What’s wrong with it ?

    Let people do what they want- as long as it’s not an extremist
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    You might like the mystique of a covered up woman. You may hate alcohol. You might think dogs are wankers. You might believe in Allah....

    I have no idea why skin colour is relevant mind.

    Just do as the extremists do and drink anyway.
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