Conspiracy Theories That You Believe And Why

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Get Into Em, Nov 8, 2018.

  1. niknak_123

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    If we ever went to the moon, we’d not need use by dates as food would last for ever up there with no atmosphere to make it rot
  2. Dave Herbal

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    That’s not a theory either

    I still don’t understand what the big deal is with keeping their guns in case they have to fight the government. How often do the side in charge of the army lose civil wars?
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  3. Medulla

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    Aside from owt else it doesn't make a great deal of sense as an explanation though does it? If only the US public didn't have guns the wealthy elite could capture the state! :lol:
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  4. Redandwhitedust

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    I have no doubt that we went to the moon. It's impossible for me to conceive that if there had been any doubt, the Russians wouldnt have doubled their efforts to get there themselves and show the yanks up.

    I do think that its more than possible that some of the photos were staged or at least doctored however.
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  5. MackemBob

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    Best Before dates are arbitrary but Use By dates should be followed to avoid dying.
  6. Thebumble

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    Summarise for me please. I’m not watching it for an hour on my phone.
  7. tunstallhill

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    the 'powers that be' are very clever at making the general populace docile. through newspapers, music, tv shows etc.. easier to control and manipulate thick people. and those with half a brain have their attention easily diverted by 'left v right' politics. the only thing TPTB are afraid of is people being unified against them

    interesting read here FACT CHECK: Sandy Hook Exposed
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  8. Cheesy Feet

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  9. double maxim

    double maxim Midfield

    I've just watched it and it was interesting in fairness but only pointed to real estate billionaires knowing how to make sure they make money from their deals in all eventualities, terrorists being underestimated for their ability to capitalise on the ramifications of their acts and government departments being bloated and wasteful.

    The links between the bush administration and the bin ladens are well known and they were all feathering their own nests as per.
  10. :lol:

    Mate. I wouldn't do it justice. Just bookmark it when you got wifi. Talks about anomalies of that day, stich ups, blatant disinformation, how the french were manipulated in doing shady stuff by someone high up. Loads of stuff mate

    I reckon it's about empowerment mate. They want to take that away from the populace. Basically making us into subservient batteries. Like you say there would be only one winner in that kind of arms race.
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  11. LondonMackem

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    Hi Alex Jones!
  12. Ahhhh sorry mate. Thought you were asking about the Diana one. The 911 money one is awesome too. Shows you who made the real money from that day and how it was all manipulated.

    Good summary mate apart from you downplaying "only pointed" to billionaires and that. Erm that only adage couldn't be more true when looking at the crime. Follow the money, who benefited most? Then you'd not be far from the culprit.
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  13. niceonemarra

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    Where do Aliens stand in the CT department?
  14. Maxnormal

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    Watched Hypernormalisation on the iPlayer recently: fucking eye opening that mind.
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  15. r@mside

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    Public hearings into the Westminster allegations commence in March next year.
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  16. mad cyril

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    I didn’t realise this was a conspiracy, I’ve always thought if it as factual.
    Google market place, Facebook etc all listen in.
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  17. Butcher's Coat

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    Absolute tosh some of these theories mind.:rolleyes:
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  18. mad cyril

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    100%. One of, if not the greatest human achievement mocked with no regard for the genius and bravery of peoplethat made it happen.
  19. I don't know why I opened this thread..

    Just irks me no end some of the shit the conspiracy theoriats come out with when all factual evidence is disregarded for hearsay and bollocks
  20. double maxim

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    I would say that big business and governments are always up to shenanigans but this only gets looked into in detail when an event like 9/11 happens. Perhaps a bigger scandal.

    I tend to think that the government is barely capable of doing what they are supposed to do, never mind pull off mind bogglingly complex conspiracies which would need countless ordinary schucks not to smell a rat and start talking. Take 9/11 or the moon landings, how many schills would it take to pull that off?

    The truth always comes out in the end when the weight of rumour builds to a point that it is clear there is substance to it, like the whole 70s TV nonce thing. I don't get that impression with grand conspiracy theories, its more often people with a cursory understanding of a complicated topic seeing what they want to see to make complex scenarios easily understanable.

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