Concerts at SOL in 2022


I reckon you could put arena selling bands on at the stadium, and it would sell ok, partly helped by the novelty of Sunderland having a gig.
Kasabian and The Prodigy were two I’d thought this of, but alas, both are no longer viable.
I reckon Paul McCartney could sell it out.
Or get several bands like those BST gigs at Hyde Park.

The Prodigy are in the middle of making a new album

It's a bit of a funny one. I dunno if that sorta crowd would be more inclined to attend an arena concert than a stadium one.

Sorta the same with Elton John. He's doing big arenas all over with multiple night stints with barely a ticket to spare.

Thing is, what d'ya expect to pay nowadays? £80 a ticket isn't that bad.
A mate of mine , big fan of del amitri wouldn't go to see them as he said the tickets were ridiculously expensive, they were £50