Concerts at SOL in 2022

I still can’t believe we managed this , we had 4 nights of take that and also the group hired the stadium for rehearsals

Originally, we were quite clever mate. We charged very little for the venue, but retained the hospitality sales. After that we just fucked up


50 or 60 quid for a stadium gig

80 quid is too much I reckon.

30-50 for an arena

20-30 for an academy gig

10-20 for a smaller venue

I'm possibly living in the past, I can remember paying 80 quid for t in the park whole weekend in about 2003.

if only £££


You can add a tenner to these prices for gigs next year

I’ve really felt sorry for working musicians & live event crews this past year but it’ll soon be forgotten about when I’m queueing for a shitty small £7 bottle of lager at a £60+(Excl booking fee) gig :lol:

keema naan

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Sums the club up imo, didn’t he take over some place in Newcastle and that went wrong within 6 month
he went to do concerts at Wembley after the Sol and got bombed out after a couple of months then went to that bar in Newcastle,like you say it was closed down within 6 month :lol:


8 pages about concerts at the SOL and no mention of gary the hair running them at a loss for years :eek: :lol:

Post 24 ;) .
An outstanding display of incompetence, symptomatic of the club at the time promoting staff way above their capabilities.
It can't be too hard to rent out a venue for profit?


I like very small gigs and up to say 1500 capacity. I also like festivals. Anything in between needs to be virtually free for me to bother.

Happy to rock up on the day and buy a heavily discounted ticket but would never pay £100 for a stadium gig.

Obviously people enjoy it and don't begrudge the money but it isn't for me. :lol:
Me all ower that.
Pub back rooms up to Shepherd Bush Empire-Kentish Town Forum-The Roundhouse sized gigs only. Nowt bigger. Steely Dan wanted £120 at Wembley Arena 10- 12 years or so ago. Piss off, they nivver even move on stage.
Changed my attitude to live music immediately.Some great young bands around these last few years playing 100- 300 standing room only gigs in London pubs.
Hotel Lux in a Stoke Newington pub basement the Tuesday neet before first lockdown was my last gig. Bit craic with the singer outside cheering on @havanaman as he ran for his bus anarl.
Fingers crossed we all get back to gigs soon, whatever size they are.
I’ve really felt sorry for working musicians & live event crews this past year but it’ll soon be forgotten about when I’m queueing for a shitty small £7 bottle of lager at a £60+(Excl booking fee) gig :lol:
Aye. Poor bastards.
The Guardian today has an article on record shops anarl and ones that have closed for good during lockdown. Lass next doors a self employed music teacher. I could hear her trying to do it ower the internet last summer when I was in the garden. Sounded frustrating.
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I think we'll see Bon Jovi back, with Bryan Adams as support as this was the US stadium and arena tour that was planned for 2019/20


Everyone's wages go up. Health & safety. It's a different ball game man.

I think there is more competition to make the gigs more of a spectacle and not just about the music. I may also be wrong but do artists bring in as much money as they once did from album sales so are more reliant on tours?

Plus some of the bigger bands don’t tour as much meaning demand is higher and there are people willing to pay.
Any bands from the past 5-10 years who are stadium fillers? I think straight away of Metallica, Muse, Oasis, Queen, Coldplay etc who could fill a UK stadium.

I reckon you could put arena selling bands on at the stadium, and it would sell ok, partly helped by the novelty of Sunderland having a gig.
Kasabian and The Prodigy were two I’d thought this of, but alas, both are no longer viable.
I reckon Paul McCartney could sell it out.
Or get several bands like those BST gigs at Hyde Park.