Concerts at SOL in 2022


Central Defender


Central Defender
Saw Queen and Lambert at metro arena or whatever its called ,was dragged there as no one could replace Freddie
He didn't try to and it was brilliant
Agree mate. Their 2021 tickets have been shoved back to a replica 2022 tour, may be able to fit the SoL in, guess dates and things need to match up.


Added Birmingham due to demand.
And Manchester and Glasgow and Belfast... the show is configured for An arena so not ‘22 In sunlun...
Their 2021 tickets have been shoved back to a replica 2022 tour
Was the 2020 euro tour...
I've never heard of BTS so just had to Google them
They’d easily sell most tickets of everyone mentioned on this thread so far, not that I’d go but the bairn would be first in the queue (dad taxi duties for me!).
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Any bands from the past 5-10 years who are stadium fillers? I think straight away of Metallica, Muse, Oasis, Queen, Coldplay etc who could fill a UK stadium.
Boss, Stones, AC/DC.

I'm not sure if Queen are quite stadium fillers these days but their arena tours sell well.

Westlife are doing Wembley stadium.
The 1975 might be a good shout as far as currently popular bands go.

edit: scratch that, I think the singers a mag.
Neewhere near that big re they?