Concerts at SOL in 2022

Rammstein are in Coventry/Cardiff June 26/30 2022. Also gaps in their schedule before and after when they come from Denmark and then go to The Netherlands. Sounds plausible
Generally never heard of them 😂

And would they sell it out?
I think so. Very popular on the continent. Nothing in Manchester/Leeds/Scotland on their tour schedule, so I think they'd comfortably sell out with their North British fans. Including all the Scotch obviously.
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Just joined the queue for Ed Sheeran. Not a fan myself but thought you know if I can get a ticket for a mate or family member…position 24,000. Swiftly logged out :lol:


Joined queue at 8.45, tickets bought just after 9. Right fuck on with the rules etc. though for purchasing. Just glad i don’t have to go and watch him :D