Composite doors and new windows

We got quoted £3k for 9 windows in Whitley Bay. Surprised how affordable it was and was braced for a quote about double that. He said the windows were manufactured by eurocell? No idea if they're any good. White upvc.
Just had mine done last week, used Snugfit from South Shields after being recommended, 1 Bay Window, 4 bedroom windows, landing window, bathroom window, 2 porch windows and a composite front door, they have done a great job, no mess, started and finished as and when they said, I would highly recommend....


I live in the CLS area and asked the next door neighbour where he got his doors done as they looked canny and he said it was BMW on Stella Gill but said he WOULDN'T recommend them. Had no issues initially but then had a couple of problems and had a hassle trying to get them back out but apparently it's a family firm and it was the son he had been dealing with. When he started kicking off a bit and the dad found out he sorted it out no problem.

Hence, I'm still looking for someone so will watch this thread with interest.
Mate fitted my doors from them. Put back door in. Fine. Front door-no letter box? Said didn’t have time to correct. Mate waited to to see if they would come out, nope. Woke up every day for a week by deliveries.


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I use a lad who’s a one man band who not many know but he’s the best in the business.Be it ally doors ,roof lanterns ,pvc he knows the score and I never have one come back with him.
I’ll not give his name out incase one of my competitors is watching.

I’d go for W windows

JDI windows

TC plastics

out of all the ones who manufacture etc in the town.
There’s one above I’d avoid like the plague !


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I’ve had a quote off Wearside Windows, got to say the bloke has been spot on so far.

Called and quoted when he said he would and the price seems very competitive. The gear they use looks good quality too.

Unless NE&C pull something spectacular out the bag I’ll be using WW.

I got a feeling the bloke (Arthur) is a trustworthy kind of bloke too.
Ive now got NE&Cs quote in. It is £250 cheaper than WW.

Who and why?
tell Arthur and there’s a good chance he’ll match it.
I would tell him the truth like, if you go in daft low I doubt he would

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tell Arthur and there’s a good chance he’ll match it.
I would tell him the truth like, if you go in daft low I doubt he would
Never would do that, not my style. I know a fair price when I see it and he said he wouldn’t want to lose the job over a few quid. He talks a great game and can tell he knows his onions which is worth more to me anyway.

I’ll call him tomorrow and see what he says.

I told him I was waiting for another price.