After discussing with last month's winner @Crayola-Kid he came up with this as the theme for the next two months....

Juxtaposition / something that looks out of place - this could be either something "actual," like say walking down a city street and there's an old church between 2 shiny office buildings, or it could be something you set up

So there is your theme all, good luck!


Usual stuff:

1. All welcome, any standard, any equipment.
2. Photographs must be taken between today and 1st January 2023 The competition will close at midnight on 1st January 2023.
3. Up to two entries per poster
4. The winner of the bi-monthly competition will go forward to the photograph of the year competition.

Please use this thread for entries only.

Please use the discussion thread - here for any queries, discussion, comments or photos that you don't want to enter

For anyone who uses the SMB photo galleries for their photos before they enter them to the competition - from what I understand, is that the permission of the album must not be private, you need to have the album (in album privacy) set as : Can view media items : --> Registered members
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