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Discussion in 'Monthly Competition' started by peachbum, Mar 15, 2018.

  1. @Steeeeed

    Hopefully you don't mind but I've started the competition for March - April 2018

    Hi all
    Decided on the theme of BIRTH. Seeing that it is nearly spring and the time of new growth, I thought perhaps BIRTH would be a good theme. This could cover something in nature such as Blossom, Easter, other spring festivals perhaps or the birth of an animal or child.

    I know the start date is a little late, but I think six weeks or so is fine , so please enter up to three photographs taken between today and the last day of April.

    Happy shooting.

    Any discussion about the thread, theme, competition etc in this thread, leaving the ENTRIES thread free for entries :)
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  2. Cowvahlo

    Cowvahlo Striker

    We post the pics on the other thread then? No messing about with links to photobucket and such like Peachy?
  3. Yes. I think that is the correct answer. (You might have to use the RTG gallery) - anyone who gets stuck, just ask and either I, or someone else, will help you.
  4. @becs seeing your photo, I saw a little red winter rose poking up through the snow yesterday, amazing that little delicate flowers look so strong when you feel that it is so cold they should shrivel and wither.
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  5. becs

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    Flowers and plants are amazing.

    There is a bit of scrubland near us on the edge of the woods. It's all muddy and churned up from dogs walking on it. Every year without fail, a clump of snowdrops about the size of a saucer appear. My daughter and me look out for them every year as that's our indicator that spring is coming. Even though they had all that snow dumped on them the other week, they're still there!
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  6. Steeeeed

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    Good competition theme. Much better than I would have picked!
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  7. @becs

    do you want to put your photos back in the competition? I'll give you till tomorrow if you want to re-add them (they seem to have gone) as it is late tonight.
    I'm sure @Steeeeed wont mind closing the competition a day late.

    Calling all entrants this month's competition now closes at midnight 1st May 2018 (as opposed to midnight tonight), please feel free to add your entries.
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  8. becs

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    It looks like postimage changed the URL's for some unknown reason!
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  9. AndyGray1985

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    I see Vigelandsparken was worth a visit :)
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  10. I really liked the top and bottom levels not so keen on the middle bit. Good place to visit though, I really enjoyed it.

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