Commonwealth Games

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  1. UK Government have asked cities who wish to bid for the 2022 Games to submit proposals

    Could the North East (inc Middlesbrough!) submit a joint bid?

    3 decent football stadia; Gateshead Stadium for the Athletcs, Riverside/South North cricket grounds, Metro Arena, 50m Pool at the stadium...

    Anywhere else that could be used?
  2. biggest investment other than updating Gateshead would be a Velodrome. it would be a good addition to the North east

    not sure what all the sports are in commonwealth.. do they have rowing ? kayaking could be done at tees barage
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  4. It's shit enough mate, let's not finish it off.
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  5. :lol:

    Had a great couple of days in Glasgow 2014 at the Athletics and Rugby 7s man!
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  6. I reckon a Tyne / Wear / Tees bid would be canny.

    Mountain biking up at hamsterly

    Great road racing with some decent hills up the dales
  7. From the Gold Coast and Surfers Paradise to SR6.

    Even @Boris Bear and @Wilfy couldn't polish that turd.
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  8. Hank Scorpio

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    You are looking at £600m to stage the event. Does the NE have the money at present?
  9. Probably not unfortunately. it would be great to pull off though.
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  10. The Hunt

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    Nice of them to go through motions before deciding to have it in London.
  11. Paddy O'Dors

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    Gypsies Green. :cool:

    Gonna be in Liverpool.
  12. Hank Scorpio

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    It would be brilliant mate.

    Had England won the bid for the 2018 WC, Sunderland would be a very different city today. The investment would have been huge
  13. I was fortunate to enjoy the Olympics in London from some actual events to the free stuff going on and even now it sends tingles down my back

    the whole city was pure electric . Doubt I'll ever experience London like that again.
  14. The Hunt

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    is that not the 2026 one?
  15. janiep

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    This or Manchester.
  16. Paddy O'Dors

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  17. Boris Bear

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    Now hold on there...
  18. Maybe the North East doesn't but with funding from the National Lottery (or is that only allowed for a London Games?) a contribution from NE development budgets (if such things still exist) and a contribution from central government then it could be a goer.

    £600m in the infrastructure of the North East as a whole would be fantastic

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