Come on then Recall & WHED

Discussion in 'Gold' started by Manchester red n white, Jul 18, 2005.

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  1. Skol

    Skol Guest

  2. I can't believe this is the first time i've seen this thread..
  3. OohBaldyBally

    OohBaldyBally Striker

    Skol is fucking disgusting !
  4. Saying that I haven't announced it officially on here yet, I can think of no finer place than this thread to inform me parsnip marras that I am going to become a dad. It will be my first and I am overjoyed. My good lady is doing fine.

  5. Well done fella, congrats! :-D
  6. lucky19672

    lucky19672 Guest

    First time I seen this one


    and of course

  7. worth every minute of lookin over my shoulder

    surely this is in line for engerldification...

    congrats on the news about the bairn n'aarll Porohman
  8. total_recall

    total_recall Guest

  9. Kevsgreat

    Kevsgreat Striker

    Make this gold man yer fuckin poncey mods.
  10. zero_hour

    zero_hour Winger

    ive jus been reading through and i have never laughed so hard on any other thread in the SMB, its fucking awesome!!
  11. GK

    GK Striker Contributor

    Someone make this fucker a gold now

    medina - I think you may be mildly spasticated marra
  12. medina2005

    medina2005 Guest

    Sorry for the delay in replying, i was licking the windows.;)
  13. WHUMP!

  14. Stiffinho

    Stiffinho Winger

    What he said!
  15. hudson88

    hudson88 Striker

  16. Joe Public

    Joe Public Striker

    How hasn't this gone gold yet?!? Ha'way Streaker man, has to be!
  17. total_recall

    total_recall Guest

  18. Joe Public

    Joe Public Striker

    Gerrup there yer fucker!

    Make this gold man mods, ye complete set of bastards yer!
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