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  1. Just opened Friday gone. Building next to the passport office. Went in for me breakfast yesterday, looks very good. Bit like champagne bar I suppose, bistro type. Staropramen and blue moon on tap with the usual fosters.

    £3.75 for a bacon sandwich to take away. Bit pricey but was excellent.

    Might be decent when the weather warms up next year, canny little terrace outside. If you go, give me a wave from outside. They’ll make a killing with people waiting for passports.
  2. niceonemarra

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    What a rip off. I'd still get 1.
  3. HABA87

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    Almost 4 benk for a takeaway sandwich is a mick take. Half that from greggs with a brew.
  4. Aye true. Somewhere I might pop in if it’s raining and I can’t be arsed to go to the town. But not every day.

    Having said that, there’s loads of places better than greggs for the same-ish price. I’m not a fan of the greggs breakfasts.
  5. Sounds like a bar I won't be queuing ages at to get served, while they make cocktails. Lager selection looks shit as well.
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    If it’s anything like the champagne bar I’ll be giving it a swerve. That place is full of payday millionaire cockwombles.
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  7. :lol::lol: Hi!!!
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