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    Yours are next to the Royal box. Can be segregated.
    The other ones are in the Safc end aswell, but can't be segregated (I think the exit / entrance?)and are the top two rows of CW. I think yours are the whole 15 rows?
    The package (food n drink) is the same.
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  2. Chizno1

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    Ah right thank you for your help!
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  4. Stortford

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    Nothing really, you are in a block on level 2 and colours allowed, the level 3 are just the 2 top rows of CW in certain sections which are separated by a small wall and have direct access to restaurant behind them. As this is on the same level as the boxes they don't allow club colours as meant to be neutral. But for the avoidance of doubt anyone in a block which starts with a 2 ie 202-225 is allowed to wear colours
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  5. Club Wembley is very nice and a more comfy and relaxing way to watch the match for those that want that. Been in there the last two occasions mainly for my dad who's elderly and it saves all the hustle and bustle of the crowds etc. Didn't think there would be so many tickets for there available as there currently are this time otherwise would've waited! Managed to get row 1 in 3rd tier though so will still be good. And as someone has said, I imagine half the CW seats will be empty unfortunately. Still be great if that's where you're going though.
  6. Paninaro

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    Really fancied CW like but none of me mates will stump the cash and don’t fancy sitting on me jack
  7. Fifemackem

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    I think Level 3 is actual corporate boxes rather than the level 2 seated sections. Did the CW level 2 experience for CT and it was excellent. Only gripe was the queuing to get in the stadium initially - used up 10 mins drinking time :).
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  8. My tickets were e mailed to me at 10am today
  9. S H R E K

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    Level 3 + 4 are private boxes / private bars / suites for club officials/ players family etc.

    It's just the next step up from club Wembley for those with a lot more £.
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  10. Shirley Shammel

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    You also have access to a private suite for the 3 hours before, half time and one hour after which provides all your bait and drink. Don’t get that with normal CW. The suite is unreal.
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    I've just phoned them to ask about mine. Been told they will be arriving by post by 1pm tomorrow.
  12. Shirley Shammel

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  13. LE1 Mackem

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    Received mine on email today, I’m in the Atrium whatever that means !
  14. Fly

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    The Atrium is their large restaurant. You’re going to have a great time!
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  15. Agent Zigzag

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    Was in there for CAT and was exclusive for SAFC. Great food and craic
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    You were?:eek:
  17. LE1 Mackem

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    Do you recall what beers they were serving ?
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  18. Don't think me and my lass are going. Still not arrived either way.

    I am afraid I may have to give up hoping.
  19. Fly

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    Hi I’ve only walked past it so I can’t be sure, sorry.
  20. Shirley Shammel

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    Camden Pale Ale, Camden Lager, a couple of other lagers, red and white wine which was ok if not great. You could buy spirits if you wanted. Me and my mate had a couple of vodkas to take the edge off and they were about £6 each.

    Was over the moon they did Camden Pale ale as I hate lager.
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