Clothing labels when you were at school


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I had a couple of Naff co 54 jackets, as my mam wouldn't buy me Naff Naff. She did get me a Nicolson puffa jacket second hand once, though. I was chuffed with it, even though it had been melted down one side and had been patched up! One of my mates turned up for school in a brand new £90 (1994) Nicolson jacket once and it got nicked on the first day he wore it- from the back of his chair while he was in class! Other labels to be seen in were Kappa, Rockport and Chipie Inc. I settled for Gio Goi!
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Is it wrong I still seek out my Ben Sherman stuff????
There was a nice BS. Shop on Spring Street in Manhattan, did you ever go? There were some class BS bargains to be had when they were closing down. I don’t think they have a US presence any more.