Cleveland Police officer caught on camera urinating in public


What's the bloke supposed to do? Might be miles from the station and desperate and been on calls all morning. Imagine getting the 999 call to say someone's been stabbed get there ASAP "sorry I'm looking for a toilet" He might of not even had time to get to a public toilet. I bet if he found one and parked up on a yellow line some bozo would have taken a photo of him parked inappropriately.

Big Toe

Central Defender
Looks like he thinks he's hidden by the car and he's peeing onto the grass. Given the number of public toilets that are still closed, I think it's harsh punishing him. It's not like he's whipped it out in the middle of a busy street or something.
Whooaaa!!! Who do you think you are with your common sense. He’s a ‘YouTuber’ (jobless) , it’s all about the likes


A quick Google of the lad named as the YouTuber reveals he could be a Henley's wearing ronker who thinks it's hilarious to hang off the side of police vans for a photo.


If only someone could invent something like a toilet, that the public could use when they needed too.


Worst that'll come of this is that the officer will be "warned over his future conduct, with no further action taken"

He'll probably suffer worse in mickey taking.