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Classic Match at Roker - 24 Nov 1984 vs Man Utd

Discussion in 'Pure Football' started by samsy, Jul 13, 2019.

  1. samsy

    samsy Central Defender

    The Kieron Brady thread got me reminiscing about Frank Worthington, so I tried youtube for any SAFC footage with Frank in, this erroneous result came up but what a cracker that I'd forgotten about. Only saw the highlights on MotD but what a game to miss! Who was there that day?

    Full match details from statcat here Sunderland AFC - Statistics, History and Records - from TheStatCat
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  2. Sam Handwich

    Sam Handwich Winger

    Me. Cracking day out. Seem to remember it was quite a warm day
  3. In the Fulwell End, in my top 3 of all time favourite Roker Park games this one.
  4. Best 45 mins I saw at Roker .The big corner of the Roker End was the place to be .Mental.
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  5. Worthington was long gone by this time
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  6. Cheesy Feet

    Cheesy Feet Striker

    Best reception I ever saw the lads get at half time at Roker Park..from being 2-0 down inside 15 minutes to fight back to 3-2 at half time..tremendous.
  7. garyswc

    garyswc Striker

    We were in that corner of the Roker amidst the absolute ructions, between the floodlight and the main stand.

    Love how dark the stands are late in the second half, last season or maybe it was actually the season before when there was a lights failure in the Stands at the SOL it gave me a massive rush and powerful flashback to Roker Park, pity everything is lit up like a Christmas tree now for TV and safety etc.

    Funny seeing someone in the paddock in the kappa ski coat which were "in" at the time. Few small flags too, what stage were we at in the Milk Cup when this was played?

    Do any of our younger smb'ers who didn't get to experience RP enjoy watching these old match highlights?
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  8. Sunderland v Arsenal 3-0 win

    Rowell hat trick. Despite that, imo this was frank worthingtons best game for SAFC
    Ha'way Back When: Sunderland star Gary Rowell's first ever Roker Park hat-trick leaves Arsenal in the cold

    I’ve seen footage, which maybe on the centenary video of this game

    I do.

    Described as mild hysteria by Barry Davies :lol:
  9. garyswc

    garyswc Striker

  10. marathon9

    marathon9 Goalkeeper

    Bt sport is good for old classics...old moTD.. THE BIG MATCH.. SUNDAY DINNER.. N FOOTY.. HOW DO YOU TURN CAP LOCK OFF... .. Worry I got iT.. Oh SHIT...
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  11. tooliohelmet

    tooliohelmet Midfield

    One of the first games I can remember going to.....would have just turned 10. Remember booing mark Hughes, still do it now the Welsh ****
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  12. 48 plus vat

    I was lucky to be at this game, only because I was suspended from playing :lol:

    I can close my eyes and still see Roker park both packed and during reserve games.
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  13. garyswc

    garyswc Striker

    I've yet to see an entire team be such a bunch of cheating bastards as Blackburn at the SOL managed by that Welsh prick

    Ye dafty
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  14. It’s an old story but worth retelling

    When the ESPN classic channel existed, this game was due to be on. It was a repeat of a MOTD with oxford v Leeds, 5-2 to Oxford

    However for some reason, they showed the Oxford game twice. Then the SMB got to work and found an email address for espn

    I and others sent emails, which resulted in ESPN sending a free dvd copy of this match

    Happy days
  15. hank williams

    hank williams Striker

  16. marathon9

    marathon9 Goalkeeper

    You very angry...
  17. You are the man Hank lad.

    Worthington mesmerised Arsenal this day. Only 12000 odd there. I was in the main stand paddocks, in a red lagoon, near the SAFC home dugout :lol:
  18. redgauntlet

    redgauntlet Striker

    January 1961, my first FA Cup tie, 3rd round Sunderland v’s Arsenal. Crowed c57,000. Half time Sunderland 0 -Arsenal 1. Stan Anderson scored two crackers, one with his feet from 20 yards (with the old heavy, leather ball) and one with his head from a Harry Hooper cross. Final score Sunderland 2 - Arsenal 1. There was better to come that season, we hadn’t been beaten for months. It was the Roker Roar, a mighty roar, heard for miles around, that did it. Now the nancies sit there singing like castrati.
  19. marathon9

    marathon9 Goalkeeper

    Brian Moore... .had a bobby Charlton hair cut...

    Dickie Davis... Tried to say cup soccer... Said cock sucker.... World of sport.... Classic...
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  20. ftm1971

    ftm1971 Winger

    Me first match :cool:
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