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  1. Charlatans, the lot of them. Should be locked up.

    Almost better than Phoenix Nights :lol: Why are they standing outside the toilets?
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    Ok, cool. I love to read about these kinds of things too, genuinely. id class Quest and Histiry as mainstream though, but do think a lot of news worthy 'happenings' go under reported. Been watchimg some of the Jose Escamilla videos about 'rods' recently, forgot how crazy they were, think I was high as a kite last time I watched them, still mind blowing!
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    Beat me to it!
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  4. Most of them (a). Predatory fraudsters conning the vulnerable and grieving.
  5. Chunkies job iirc.
  6. they are the future
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    Monsters who take money from those grieving seeking answers.
    "Psychic" Sally actually has bouncers stopping people calling out her show as a complete fraud.

    Proper wrong'uns.

    As Tim Minchin says - There's no such thing as psychics. They're either lying or mentally ill
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  9. I believe in them.
    One once told me Swindon were shite.
    How would they have known that without me telling them ?
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    People have been Gassed for lesser crimes
  11. Nice to see people like you with open minds. But I reckon those two channels you mentioned are mainstream mate.

    Back to the topic. Vast majority will be (a but not ruling out a couple of (b.
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    A absolutely.

    Even this new one in hollywoodland, Tyler Henry, is obviously feeding a line slowly and just reading the reaction to mould his next comment accordingly...

    Tyler Henry's Abilities Are Put to the Test During His Reading With Boy George: See Their ''Tough'' Hollywood Medium Meeting! on Hollywood Medium | E! News UK

    You certainly thought Bristow was clairvoyant iirc :lol:
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    That's the AIDS mate.
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    You ever thought of going into politics Muggsy.

    You could be somebody's spokesperson.:lol:
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    I've had that AIDS for the last few months, finally fit and full of fuck for St Patrick's Day :D
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    Did the herpes clear up? Remember it never fully goes away.
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    Starts as (A) definately
    but after they've been doing it a while and they've had lots of practice, it'll become just instinct that they'll start to think the ideas are just coming to them.

    that Derek Accorah was caught out because of this. He was just taking clues in from his surroundings without really considering the source so he lost track of where it was coming from.
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    I've "worked" with some of them. Like any cross section of people there's a mixed bag. There are deliberate fakers and there are people who genuinely think they can see/hear/feel/sense something paranormal. From the latter lot, there are the misguided and mentally ill and there are people who stick to facts and discover very remarkable and weird things which are far from explainable yet not quite conclusive proof.
    There are more scientific* and better ways to attempt to investigate the paranormal or supernatural that don't require faith in a person or a belief system. That's why a Paranormal Investigator is quite different to a Medium / Clairvoyant .

    * Science can be used to approach, prove or disprove any statement or subject. That's one of it's core functions.
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    turns out your real mum only actually gave me a bad dose of Denge fever

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