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Discussion in 'SMB' started by Wayne The Punk, Oct 12, 2018.

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    I got this when I interviewed for my current job. They offered me it 2 months later. It’ll probably be the same job you’ll be offered in the event of someone rejecting the job or dropping out during vetting.
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    Merits? Yeah they did.
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    Got feedback from the interview, from the lead interviewer on the panel. I had an excellent interview, missed out on the job very narrowly. The next time a job at that level comes up its mine, no interview involved. They expect a vacancy in the next 3 months, chuffed to bits
  4. Well done mate what department is it at?
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    I think the interview I had with DEFRA was just about the shittest period of prep for an interview I’ve ever had.

    Got offered the job but didn’t take it like. Presume someone on a reserve list got it so wouldn’t give up all hope.
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    Not sure you read my last post correctly, glad you can pick and choose your jobs, my choices have been shit for the last 4 years
  7. 2 weeks ago I received my scored from a civil service interview for HMRC. I scored 6 out of 7 in all 3 competencies with "Strong Demonstration - Substantial, positive evidence of the competency and includes some evidence of exceeding expectations". Strangely, my overall rating just states "acceptable demonstration". Anyone know why this could be? I scored a 5/7 in my application sift so surely the overall rating would be higher than "acceptable demonstration" which typically equates to a 4/7.

    Also, with that being said, is it likely I will be offered one of the positions with 3 6's?
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    Getting 3 6's is good. What was the job role? It depends upon the job holder and number of vacancies, especially if it was a multi location one. At the very least I'd expect to be placed on a reserve list.
  9. Obviously not
  10. I'm on a few reserve lists where I have scored 2x 4's and 2x 5's on both so realistically I am expecting to be offered a position. It is on the Surge rapid response team for HMRC. It was a national vacancy and I believe there was 12 in this particular location. Haven't heard anything yet whereas previously I have found out if I am successful within a week or two.
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    its luck of the draw, 34 years service in various departments tell me this.
    A colleague recently interviewed for a post that was 1 scale higher, also for similar post in same dept 2 scales higher, to be told not enough competancy evidence for post 1 but got the job for post 2, seen it many times.
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  12. It’s commonly used as a way to say that they think you’ll be fine at that level, but not the right person for that particular job. They probably will keep his/her name on record if something more suitable comes up.
  13. Tbh, I get the impression it is all down to if the interviewers like you. I failed miserably at one of my previous interviews and ended up on a reserve list, came out of another one feeling better than ever and only scored 2's with "inconsistencies" in my answers :lol:
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    you are correct mate, its a lottery.
    always been the same but worse than ever. Thankfully im winding down, already partially retired and not long for the big jump.
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    If it's a big recruitment it'll probs take a few weeks to finalise numbers per location based upon the interview results. Good luck marra, I'm sure you'll hear soon. The surge teams get to do some interesting stuff.
  16. Enjoy retirement mate, don't take it too easy!

    Cheers mate, I'm thinking of shooting them an email next week if I haven't heard anything. In hindsight I'm glad I haven't been offered any of the other roles yet as I would be doing the same thing every day, the surge team seems pretty interesting and will be extremely useful for experience until I finish my degree.
  17. Fuming here like.

    I emailed them on Monday asking when I can expect to hear, haven't yet had a reply however checked today and they've changed one of my scores on my interview from 6 to 4.. Anyone know why they may have looked at it again?
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    Because the civil service is basically a pack of cüñts.
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    Saw you whining on this thread.
  20. Thought that myself :lol:
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