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Discussion in 'SMB' started by Baloo, Nov 16, 2017.

  1. Baloo

    Baloo Striker Contributor

    First time there tonight, absolutely superb. Food was as good as D’Acqua although the service could do with a bit polishing. At almost half the price though it’s fantastic.

    We were booked in tonight for a Beer and Beef 10 course meal (was only going to be £35) but due to lack of interest ended up there on the normal menu.

    For anyone who’s thought about going and hasn’t, please do. You won’t be disappointed and it would be a real shame for the students to lose out on the real world experience they’re gaining.
  2. Goat Eyes

    Goat Eyes Striker

    10 courses, what could you possibly have? 9 pints and a steak...

    It’s not somewhere that automatically comes to mind but I’ll try and remember.
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  3. I’m there on Tuesday dinner time to see Mark and the girls to get my hair cut /hot towel shave .Ill pop in for a latte and a bite to eat.
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  4. Baloo

    Baloo Striker Contributor

    This was the menu. Looked amazing...

    Canapés (beef dripping on toast, beef carpaccio, beef and horseradish croquette)

    Steak tartar, quail egg, sour dough toast, truffle emulsion

    Beer braised beef cheek, oyster, suet pastry, welsh rarebit

    Rare Asian beef salad, roast peanuts, chilli dressing, crispy shallots

    Fore rib cap, Jerusalem artichoke, pickled greens, beer vinaigrette

    Oxtail stuffed fillet wrapped in Parma ham, pomme puree, baby vegetables

    Beetroot sorbet

    Baked custard tart, raspberry ripple ice cream

    Selection of petit fours

    Coffee and tea

    10 COURSES £35

    The bloke was saying once a month they’re looking at doing some beauty/lunch combo thing. Maybe you could get a facial and a bit sausage for the same price?
  5. becs

    becs Striker

    Sounds unreal hun. Lusheroony xx

    Disappointed with the lack of potato though. Was it piping hot?
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  6. I’ll speak to Mark,see what the crack is like as I’m up for that .

    Saturday dinner time would be better,I’ll put forward that it could be a joint venture with Sanitras supplies the Fosters and the college supply the back fill/beauty regime from the young wads.
  7. A sausage facial for £35?
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  8. Baloo

    Baloo Striker Contributor

    Probably get that for a tenner down Boro

    They do lager & beer at the Bistro marra.
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  9. Patch

    Patch Winger

    Mention Adam for a free couple off behind the bike sheds?

    A joint venture with Sinatras? I never know when you're being serious.
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  10. duff_man

    duff_man Striker

    Is that the one at North Hylton Road? Been there loads if times years ago, good bait at very good prices.
  11. Slippery Jim

    Slippery Jim Striker

    Truffle emulsion? Never order anything in a restaurant if you can't tell it from spit.
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  12. Baloo

    Baloo Striker Contributor

    It’s at the new campus next to Park Lane. Not sure if that one still has the catering facilities.

    For our Sandy based posters, South Tyneside College does a Marksy’s style “dine in for a tenner” on Wednesdays where you can collect a three course meal and a bottle of wine. Not had it yet, but supposed to be very good.
  13. Mackem00

    Mackem00 Striker

    Sounds class tbf.
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  14. duff_man

    duff_man Striker

    Ah right, used to be at hylton centre. My goddaughter is at the catering college, some of the pictures she puts on facebook are cracking
  15. DiscoPants86

    DiscoPants86 Midfield

    They still doing that menu or was it a one off? Also how do you book? Been meaning to go for a while now.
  16. MacRowners

    MacRowners Midfield

    I go reasonably regular, I think you're doing City Bistro a bit of a dis-service. For me it knocks the socks off D'Acqua for food. I haven't been to D'Acqua for ages mind you, as I have only been disappointed by it and couldn't understand the rave reviews, maybe I should try it again? D'Acqua is the only place I've had the same piece of veal which was both under and over-cooked!
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  17. DavyC

    DavyC Full Back

    Was the beef full of beef?
  18. daedalus

    daedalus Winger

    Cheers, I'll give that a go.
  19. DufraisFTM

    DufraisFTM Striker

    This. Haven't been to City Bistro yet but really want to get round to it. I'm glad to hear it knocks D'Acqua's socks off because I really don't get the rave reviews it gets. I've never found it anymore than distinctly average.
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  20. Tbh mate I’m being serious 99% of the time on here but this is a little tongue in cheek.They should speak to someone though who can keep a good pint ie:Sinatra’s ,Joseph’s ,Gunner Club ,Avenue ,Railway Tavern,Railway Club ,Westlea club to name a few.

    Regarding knowing Mark and the girls that 100% ,I wouldn’t tell lies like that and undo all my hard work on here .I go in once a Fortnight to let the girls loose on my beard and hair whilst Mark keeps clock .
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