ChunkyLover’s What you doing this Weekend thread

Discussion in 'SMB' started by LondonMackem, Aug 10, 2018.

  1. LondonMackem

    LondonMackem Winger

    Friday: out for drinks but will sneak off after a few when it comes to my round
    Saturday: ignore the group WhatsApp when people ask where I went
    Sunday: search the internet for anti-balding products
  2. Frijj

    Frijj Striker

    Friday: Talking about Belgium

    Saturday: Ferry over to Andover

    Sunday: Rub one out over Robbie Keane whilst drinking bottles of Kwak and telling everyone why mayonnaise is the number one condiment for chips.
  3. Dagzd1973

    Dagzd1973 Midfield

    Friday: talking about safc
    Saturday: watching safc
    Sunday: reminiscing about safc
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  4. LondonMackem

    LondonMackem Winger

    In: talking about Belgium
    Out: mayonnaise
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  5. niceonemarra

    niceonemarra Winger

    Fri - Get pissed
    Sat - Gig at Leeds so spending the day/night there
    Sun - Get pissed if no gigs
  6. Friday- absolutely hating @Mackem00
    Same all weekend
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  7. MackneyHackem

    MackneyHackem Midfield

    Fri: working from home and have a fridge full of drink, just trying to work out what time I should open my first can. So that, and ignoring all the clique crack on here
    Sat: depending on the Oxfordshire weather might have a dodge up to Blenheim Palace, which I've not been to before
    Sun: trawl the internet for places with a brunch deal on and go there all day
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  8. chillikebab

    chillikebab Winger

    Friday night - BBQ at me mate's.
    Saturday - Dunno yet
    Sunday - Spend the day at the local rugby club getting steaming and proper gurning.
  9. Mackem00

    Mackem00 Striker

    Fri - gym then home. On call so no drink.
    Sat - on call again so no drink. Probs do work round house, put vinyl picture frames up I got for my birthday and try and sort out the garden.
    Sun - dunno yet but not on call so happy days.

    Shan as that like.
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  10. SargentQ

    SargentQ Striker

    Friday gym and relax
    Saturday down to Bristol for mates 30th
    Sunday regret life and begin a dry period
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  11. powburn red

    powburn red Midfield

    Fri ...Strathclyde country park european triathalon ...fri nite leonardos italian Hamilton( red wine fri!)
    Sat ...Strathclyde country park more triathalon (whilst checking the lads score regularly!!)come on you reds
  12. You’ve got some nerve after the water chasers instead of sambuca pal :lol:
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  13. dangermows

    dangermows Striker

    Fri. Getting pissed and dunking my balls in and out of a vase filled with warm water.

    Sat. Early morning run. Doing the innovation route of the Exhibition in Newcastle and trying to catch a bit of football. Drinking in Sunlun.

    Sun. Playing hopscots.
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  14. I don't mean it..I think you're great really.
    My weekend will be my last 3 days in Majorca before a grim early flight to Newcastle Monday
  15. Mackem00

    Mackem00 Striker

    Weekend - hoping it rains in Majorca.
  16. Arkle

    Arkle Striker Contributor

    Fri: drinking fermented yak's milk whilst watching Leninated Polyp, the most important band on the planet today.
    Sat: drinking a single plum floating in perfume served in a man's hat whilst watching Derek the Ungulate, the most important band on the planet today.
    Sun: drinking a gooseberry, miso and chicken gravy martini whilst watching Uncle Bivouac, the most important band on the planet today.
  17. zwartekat

    zwartekat Striker

    A chunktastic weekend that.
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  18. knumbskull

    knumbskull Winger

    fri - buying some records online, get baked and play on the station.
    sat - pretend that I definitely didn't waste money on records a few weeks before the wedding, maybe cook something nice for tea.
    sun - couple of pints and take the dog out for a good long walk.
  19. Derek is so 2017
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  20. LondonMackem

    LondonMackem Winger


    In a glass of icy water is better pal

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