Christmas Works Do

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Yes, it’s that time again.

If you’re lucky enough to have one, who’s got the best and worst works dos this year?

On Saturday, we’re going for a curry in Shotley Bridge, followed by cocktails and then general drinking around Consett. Living the high life eh?
Last I heard that curry place doesnt sell booze or is it BYOB?

Bob Fleming

Generally always looked forward to my work do's. Especially my last place of work - they were fucking brilliant.
But this place has just gone so downhill it's a painfully bad place to work. It clashes with taking the bairns to the Empire for the panto so I'm fucking it off this year.

Going to the wife's one. Dinner at 5.30 on Saturday - 5 fucking 30? I'll either have to eat nowt so I can drink or I'll be home for 9.

Jon Dough

Haven’t been to a works Christmas party for around 4 years,that was in gaucho restaurant in Richmond on Thames,decent food average party,best works do’s were in wanchai in Hong Kong,different times back then.
The day the internet ground to a halt.
Had a lunch last week as part of the team "retreat". Bigger do is next but it's an afternoon tea thing at a hotel in town. Not bothering with that...
Neck on, Neck on
At the Christmas works Do,
With Alison, Sally, Jackie and Sue
Which one is the best for you?
Over their desks you leaned,
You smiled, your trousers beamed,
Your keks slightly creamed,
From lust they did crust!
And now, drunken work babes with Inhibitions gone,
The tree of love bares fruit,
You want your love snake to shoot
From all the flirting, all year long
Tonight! Love is strong
Which one gets your Christmas Dong,
from Mistletoe to Camel Toe
At the Christmas works Do!