Christmas Works Do

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Daren't attend for fear of making a kernt of myself, then getting pumped

My back to back went to last year's, got highly intoxicated on a cocktail of drink and drugs, then proceeded to aggressively dry hump/ borderline sexually assault most of the female office girls on the dance floor. His shameful apologies on the following Monday morning were delightful


We were in Newcastle one night for our Christmas night out and ended up in Consett around 12 or so the nightclub was full so half of us didn’t even get in.

What a great decision that was. :lol:


Retired now, so don't have any pressure put on me to go, fucking hated them in the last job I had (desk based work), but loved them when I worked my trade, a good old piss up with the lads..:cool:


A minefield to be trodden carefully... Ugly women turn into sexy want your body women... You think it's ok to tell the boss you think he gets stuff wrong at work.. And you get so pissed you don't remember in the morning.. But don't worry cos everyone else will remind you on Monday


Next friday, early finish and taking my lot to the xmas market before meeting up with the rest of the staff for a meal then out round town


Yes, it’s that time again.

If you’re lucky enough to have one, who’s got the best and worst works dos this year?

On Saturday, we’re going for a curry in Shotley Bridge, followed by cocktails and then general drinking around Consett. Living the high life eh?
Consett didn't used to be a bad night out - bit shit trying to get back to Sunderland though - will you be wandering round Lanchester in the early hours o Sunday morning.