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Discussion in 'SMB' started by Mary Hinge, Dec 7, 2017.

  1. andy

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    She's got her eye on a Belstaff coat.You can get her that.
  2. Fred Secrets

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    JAZZMANB Striker

    Never paid that yet and he's 12,about there this year at the £600 but thats just cos he picked a dslr camera.Never been an issue,my son has no idea what he's mates mam and dads do,what cars they have,where they go on holidayetc so i thinks its the adults who play all the games
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    Cheeses of Nazareth is class on here!
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  6. Life's A Pitch

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    We spend about £11,000 on Christmas and that doesn't even include the presents for which we usually set aside about £40,000 per person. Fucking love Christmas me.
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  7. Mary Hinge

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    Neither do your kid must be bunking off school then......

    JAZZMANB Striker

    Pressure from what peers then?
  9. Mary Hinge

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    Kids in their class are walking with I-phern 10's......b4 chrimbo....
  10. EDGE

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  11. Squat

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    do you have accidental damage on your home insurance? got my daughters phone fixed on that for nothing (except the renewal going up £15 for the year).

    JAZZMANB Striker

    Probably are in my lads but he never mentions it,never been a I want,I want merchant.Tell him the score about certain kinds of kids and teachers and adults etc..Maybe just him but he seems to understand at a young age that having certain stuff means fk all really
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  13. Mary Hinge

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    They knaa the score, that's why they don't have them already, they're the only kids with a council house mentality Da in Surrey.....

    But ye ask them to write a list.....and to be fair they've never asked for I-phern 10's
  14. My 2 daughters are adults now, one is working full time and the other is disabled and has no idea what Christmas is. I am just giving them both money this year. I have spent a fortune on my 9 year old though, he is getting a PS4, a Switch, a Nintendo Classic Mini and a load of games. Some of the games were like £4o odd quid each but some of the older ones I just got from ebay/CEX. No idea what its come to but saved up over the year to get them, I wouldn't put myself into debt for Christmas.
  15. The Mrs. £20 max.

    Starting to despise Christmas.
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  16. Lambchops

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    Christ - perfume I got her was a ton+, I'll get socks
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  17. I would despise my Mrs if she only spent £20 on me.

    She's gotten me a Nintendo switch with 4 games though so I tolerate her.
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  18. abbs

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    my son wants a carrera mountain bike (270 from Halfords)
    His cousin is getting one for 500 quid and the ex wife is worried that my son won’t use his if his cousins is better !

    I said at least he’ll still have a bike when his cousins gets knocked whilst playing footy at fellgate ,

    seriously though,I wouldn’t want my son knocking around the doors on an expensive bike ,asking for trouble imo
  19. Lambchops

    Lambchops Striker

    So it's all about the money not the gift
  20. AndrewP

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    I'm an adult (ish) and if I want something we can afford I'd buy it anyway. The whole gift thing means fuck all to me these days. I'm yet to be bought something we couldn't already afford anyway. I know, look at me, rich as fook.
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