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Discussion in 'SMB' started by Mary Hinge, Dec 7, 2017.

  1. Fletch

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    or get into more debt using credit cards

    I reckon I spend about £250 on each of mine, and even then I think is it too much ??? half the time its the chap smaller gifts that get used most . Each to their own but spending ridiculous ums can cause its own problems later in life
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  2. Discopants91

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    My parents were tight shithouses judging by this thread.

    Can't ever remember being disappointed like.
  3. My bairns are two and a half... Kindle Kids Tablet £70 each and a Schwinn Roadster £70 each and a few bits and pieces. I guess I'm tight.
  4. AndrewP

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    There was something on the news the other day suggesting loads of people are in a load of debt. Something like 2 million people living in an overdraft.
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  5. Andy_Roker1983

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    I used to get 300 (possibly more) spent on me when I was younger to be fair. I remember getting the PlayStation in 1996 that was £200 alone without extra controller memory card games etc. Now if you look at £300 21 years ago, it’s probably about similar to spending £500-£600 now.
  6. Lambchops

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    I've got the boy a ride on quad which is why the spend on hims a bit high - other than that its all Thomas and friends stuff which adds up
  7. AndrewP

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    Not really like. Tight would be buying the normal ones (identical) for £30 each and buying a kids case.

    Mine are all disney obsessed so it feels like we've bought half of the Disney Store. Oh and my eldest loves Paddington too, so had to knack around trying to get Paddington stuff that keeps going out of stock constantly.
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  8. Can't understand how that happened .:rolleyes:
  9. AndrewP

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    You'd have been 13 then though, not three.
  10. When I costed the bumper case, and the Kids one is 16gb rather than 8gb, the prices weren't too dissimilar. I also have to factor in the two year, no question warranty the kids one has... Martha the destroyer will test that no doubt.
  11. Lambchops

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    Aye the little one loves mini mouse so we raided the disney store when we were over a few weeks back. I escaped the hell of Hamleys in Prague because they've all been ill at least
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  12. I guess I love mine 11 inches more than you love yours. ;)
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  13. Andy_Roker1983

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    That’s true but I was using it as example with regards to people spending more or having more disposable income than the past.

    To be fair to our kids we tend to use a lot of their birthday money to get them clothes so Christmas is the time they get toys.
  14. AndrewP

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    Mine destroyed three tablets before their amazon ones which take loads of abuse and still live one year on like. I think that's why they offer the replacement thing as they're rock solid! you got the free kids pass thing too, so all in all not bad.
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  15. CraigyLee

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    must be about 0.04133405 bitcoin I reckon
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  16. nyron4england

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    isnt a ps4 like 250 quid? 200 quid in 1995 was worth 350 in 2016 according to the BoE. it's the priorities of the parents that differ IMO.
  17. Andy_Roker1983

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    PS4 has been out a couple of years now wasn’t it 300-400 when it was first released? The ps1 was £300 when it first came out which was ridiculous back then but it was the new generation of games console. I got it the following year when it dropped to £200 IIRC. I can see your point though however I remember my parents saying they used to just get an apple and orange in a sock for Christmas but we got plenty. Think every generation seem to just get more and more, things change with technology etc.
  18. Fred Secrets

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    No idea. My wife does it all.

    What are you getting her this year? Just so we don't get the same thing.
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  19. Keawyeds

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    Is the right answer.
  20. The daughter is 15 and it's all mac makeup and nice clothes. The boy is getting a switch and a couple games to go with. Im guessing 700 each. Ower lass pays over the year for 500 pound Argos vouchers .

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