Chief steward outside BCH


I went to give two tickets away free as a family member dropped out last minute a few months back so went along the queue asking who wanted them.
Think it’s the same dumpy lass who charged over telling me it’s illegal and robbing the club of money.
Politely told her that not only do I have season tickets but also put money in thru business club and corporate box etc and next time I chat to Charlie I’ll mention her . She sharp shut up.
No common sense some folk

When we were invited to pick our seats last summer after the Premier Concourse closure, she barred a lass from the stadium who was about to enter to pick her seat after they'd gotten into a blazing row.
She was also sighing and shaking her head about having to deal with folk turning up to volunteer for the seat change.

A real credit to the club she is.


Full Back
I was queuing to pick my ticket up last night outside the BCH with about 50-100 in the line.
Few people smoking and with cans in the line, no issues here as it’s outside.

Some lass identifying as the chief steward comes up shouting and balling, “no smoking, no cans, move back against the wall” all in an aggressive tone

Then some lad tries to flog a ticket to another lad in the queue and he got absolutely barraged by her.

When the lad didn’t take to kindly to her aggressive tone she shouted “I’m the chief steward here and if you don’t fucking move I’ll have you dragged away by the police and banned from the ground”.

Ridiculous attitude and treatment if you ask me. Should be more concerned with Pompey fans lobbing flares at fans below and actually getting people into the ground.

Not screaming at people having a fag outdoors.

No need


I've seen her talking to fans like shit on more than one occasion. She's an absolute cretin who shouldn't be in that sort of job, and if she wasn't a woman she'd have been lamped already.