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    Move the King
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    So 3...... Qh4+
    4Ke2 Qxe4+
    5Kf2 Bc5+
    and up the creek you go.:):):)
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    Bullet Chess • IDK_How2Play vs niceonemarra

    I don't know about that marra I was trained Samurai style.

    My score is currently 1337

    that was just before I sacrificed my queen

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    Don't understand this bit, unless you mean near the end of the game?
    It would not have got much past 15 moves with my scenario, a few years ago my rating was close to 2000.
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    I'm talking about black playing 3. ..... Qh4+

    only 2 possible replies g3 or Ke2

    You said move the King so
    4. Ke2 Qxe4+
    5. Kf2(forced) Bc5+

    6. if Kg3 Qxf5

    Black is now 2 pawns up better developed,White King vulnerable and exposed

    Won game for black IMHO.

    if 6.d4 Bxd4+
    7.Kg3 Qxf5

    Same as above, any thoughts of attacking black Q with Bd3 is met with Qf2#

    In my opnion White can't afford to play 3. f5 mind you there may be some wierd and esotoric moves in the opening books to refute 3....... Qh4+
    but I can't see it.
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    There's also free online Player v Player websites out there that you don't need to download software for

    Which was already posted.. ignore this "lol"
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  12. @niceonemarra

    First two moves of this one is reminiscent of those games where Bobby Fischer took the piss out of Nigel Short on-line. Great when Fischer is taking the piss, not so good for the likes of the rest of us.

    Had high hopes when you took his queen, but it turned to shit from that point onwards. I winced when you walked the king into the open file (it's like pushing the bairn into traffic, FFS).

    I don't know what this Samurai Chess book is teaching you. Possibly how to fall in your sword creating the maximum mess to clean up.

    Early on, you need to focus on developing for pieces as economically as possible, and getting your king safe.
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    You need to watch me play this game > Rapid Chess • niceonemarra vs RossTheNinja

    Watch my King.
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    I was thinking like a true warrior of the battlefield marra, that's why I love chess.
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    Football is like chess so its more like the goalie running with the ball and scoring (with a little help from his friends) :cool:

    tbh marra I think Ross was just letting me see a game through till the end as he knew I had potential and I think I passed his test :cool:

    Ross is King of chess around here.
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  18. If that game was a film, it would be "Rocky".

    There's a good reason that they don't have rush goalies in professional football.
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    That's the beauty of Chess its only a quick game but it can mean so much if you play it right and it doesn't really matter if you lose, make you own game and don't be scared to leave your King out in the open ;)

    Yo Adrian I did it. I actually saw the intro to Rocky Balboa on the television earlier and was thinking about the soundtrack its quite good like.
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