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Discussion in 'SMB' started by hefty em, Apr 26, 2019.

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    Not in the same building as the ruined one, though. If I remember correctly, there were four operational and a few more nearing completion at the explosion.
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    Just watched it there. Class
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    Still remarkable though considering that type of reactor had been deemed unfit for purpose. I suppose the problem is that they can't just completely cut of the power supply.
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    Yeah sorry I meant having actual Russians and subtitles would have been better. You’ll see what I mean when you watch it but the bloke in the ‘strategy’ room just made it seem ridiculous
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    I disagree it was the "death of stalin" scenes that brought a little comic relief
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    That was fucking grim that. Terrifying.
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    I posted a link earlier about a witness to it all who survived, it would have been better if the bloke playing him spoke Russian instead of Yorkshire or some shit. I still enjoyed it like...
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    Grim stuff, even the mission in Call of Duty was depressingly realistic.
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    What's the name of that actor with squeeky voice and the black curly hair? I've seen him in something before
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    "50,000 people used to live here... now it's a ghost town"
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    Wow, that absolutely superb mind. Gripped from start to finish.

    This fella?

    Con O'Neill - IMDb
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    Good watch
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    Careful... chernobyl fall out
  15. Best level ever, but nivver shoot the wild dog :)
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    Just watching it. Jesus fucking christ. I’m a scientist but I learnt at school how nuclear reactors work and what can go wrong. Those poor bastards.
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    We were 7 years old when this happened. I’ve got a kid that age now. Imagine if it had been the worst case scenario and fall out polluted the UK. I’m not belittling the people who were affected by this by any means.

    We are but ants on this rock.
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    Fallout did get this far, increased background radiation levels around 370%, which has remained constant since

    The reactor itself isn’t inherently unsafe. It is the operational mode that it was under during the time of the accident that’s the problem. The supervisor was right to state that you can’t have an explosion in a nuclear core, as this can’t happen unless there is water within the core which would normally be impossible. Except the safety tests that they were running at the time combined with the valve positions caused an increase in core temperature which caused pipe damage which caused a water leak and hence a steam explosion due to the hyper-heating of the water as it entered the core.

    The reactor operates under the same principles as all English reactors, only difference is that ours has “computer says no” type blocks to prevent operators accidentally stacking unsafe modes on top of each other. Whereas the Chernobyl reactor has the opportunity to override this and hence can be fully operator driven.
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    I'm no expert like, but when there's a geet wass explosion at the reactor and a magic blue light starts shooting up into the heavens - run like fvck!
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    They're doing a series on Middlesbrough next

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