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Discussion in 'SMB' started by hefty em, Apr 26, 2019.

  1. Silkyces

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    By a long long way, utterly brilliant.
  2. Jgrainger

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    Is Chernobyl good to visit now then? Did they sort the core out in the end?
  3. Bob Fleming

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    Pretty jaw dropping stuff really.

    Had that second explosion happened life today would be very very different.
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  4. ajthemackem

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    Watched the first episode yesterday, thoroughly enjoyed it.
    Tell you what though, it doesn't half remind me of one of those educational dramas they used to show you in school.:lol:

    Nice to see Laura Elphinstone doing well too, one of our own.
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  5. Discopants91

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    Knew about the initial bit but had no idea how bad it could have been.

    Class series like.
  6. Lukas73

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    part 2 was a proper eye opener.....must stop watching it before bed though, my brain was all over the place!:lol:
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  7. Lexingtongue

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    I must stop elaborating on every aspect of it as I think I'm ruining it for the people I watch it with! :lol: Would probably be my specialist subject on Mastermind. Always been fascinated by it, like.
  8. Lukas73

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    it's been an education for me, I was 13 when it happened so never really grasped the reality or the severity of what did/ could've happened. absolutely compelling TV, I didn't breathe for the last minute!
  9. Lexingtongue

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    I can't be certain yet, but I think they're going to overdramatise the basement scene that ended the last episode. Don't look into it yet, but depending on how drastic the start of episode three is, you might want to look into what actually happened to the three volunteers on the 'suicide squad'...
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  10. Lukas73

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    bit of google,lunchtime reading for me!:cool:

    interesting read that.....bollocks the size of watermelons mind.....
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  11. Jgrainger

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  12. Lukas73

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  13. So they supposedly didn't die?

    A Chernobyl 'suicide squad' of volunteers helped save Europe — here's their amazing true story

    Chernobyl disaster - Wikipedia

    Even so, given what they did we can only be eternally grateful! :cool:
  14. Jgrainger

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  15. Boot Cleaner

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    Just started watching this. Class TV
  16. gazc24

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    Fuck me if them 3 don't have 1000 ft statues in Ukraine or Belarus it's a disgrace
  17. Davyred

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    Watched the 2 episodes last night and thought they were fantastic. At the time (as a pissed up 22 year old), I didn't realise just what it meant. To see what could have happened in such a short time frame is absolutely terrifying.

    It also shows just what the Soviet Union was like then, they believed what they wanted to believe, no matter what.
  18. West_Winger

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  19. hefty em

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    Ep2 done. Chilling.

    Dropped a massive dome over it, like the Simpsons movie. Nee spiderpig.
  20. West_Winger

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    Aye the liquidators were only allowed to clean the roof for 2 minutes at a time iirc. They all ended up getting pretty much fuck all in terms of compensation or care off the government and they all seem to have suffered cancers as a result.

    There was a really interesting documentary on the 30th anniversary of it on BBC4 but I can’t find the damn thing anywhere. The footage on the cameras looks like there’s ‘snow’ as you’d get on tvs that weren’t tuned in but it’s actually the radiation penetrating the lens.

    The other interesting thing is the elephants foot - it’s this lump of molten graphite, nuclear matter and sand that was at one time the most radioactive thing on the entire planet. I don’t know how they’re planning to break it up as it’s several tons in weight.

    Me and the missus fancied visiting the area as we’re fascinated by the wildlife that’s sprung up there but we haven’t had the chance yet.

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