Chemo no 8 - How to die with dignity?

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Horrible news foggy - surely you oncologist thinks the chemo is still doing a job if he’s keeping you on it.

Pleased you got the IHR sorted. I used to be involved with that and the Capita consultant for the North East was a right twat - constantly sending people with your prognosis for referrals.
cheers for giving me a lump in the throat and almost making me cry..MEN DONT CRY, i lost my ex 8 years ago to sudden death that was brutal but fuck me man

Keep fighting mate


Wow what a post. It certainly hits home when i read your age.

Still time to kick the fucking fuck out of the twat.

All the best mate and keep on enjoying those simple things.

Im off to hug my kids :cry:
Not open for further replies.