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Chelsea game tomorrow...

Discussion in 'Pure Football' started by townboy, Jan 31, 2011.

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  1. townboy

    townboy Winger

    Take it Torres will be starting?

    Nailed on to score if so...
  2. super-niall

    super-niall Striker

    No, he wont.
  3. Angry Paul

    Angry Paul New Member

    He cant play, had to be registered by 5 today to be eligible to play tomorrow
  4. L18SFC

    L18SFC Striker

    Can't play
  5. How ? they haven't registered him yet...
  6. Wayne The Punk

    Wayne The Punk Striker

    hasnt signed in time.

    His first game is v Liverpool
  7. townboy

    townboy Winger

    Nice one!!!


    End of thread, sorry for troubling anybody


    Mad, funny how things work out
  8. Soz Marra

    Soz Marra Striker

    Can't play.

    Hasn't even completed a medical yet anyway, and the Chelsea team are already up here ;)
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